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Your Power Outfit According To Your Zodiac Sign

Boost your confidence

Prepping for a big day at work? Whether you're gearing up for a job interview or doing a sales pitch, it helps to dress your best to get that confidence boost. Pick something professional, comfortable and expresses your individuality. Dressing well helps to highlight your best qualities. You don't want to be just another face in the crowd; you'd want your personality to stand out and your abilities recognised. We know that it's not an easy task to put together an impactful ensemble. In times of a fashion dilemma, we find that looking to the stars for some inspiration helps. Keep reading and find out which power outfit best suits you according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Spunky style

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When it comes to style, you don't do subtle. So naturally, a power outfit that suits you will feature bold colours and prints, maybe you'll even throw in a statement tee. The best part is, with your fierce personality and enchanting charisma, you can make almost any unconventional ensemble work. 

Taurus: Practical classics

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A Taurus' power outfit is a showcase of strong femininity. You're all for sleek pencil skirts, lacey fitted tops and romantic designs. It's not hard to shop for an ensemble that you'll feel comfortable in. Just the usual corporate pieces for ladies will do. Put your own twist by adding some dangle accessories and an elegant bag to the mix.

Gemini: Very versatile

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Your style preference changes as often as your mood. One day you're all chic and polished, then the next you're rocking a bold ensemble. You're the epitome of being predictably unpredictable. As it's likely that you're leading a very dynamic lifestyle, your best power outfit would be a versatile look that can work in almost any setting. Go for a simple ensemble featuring a nice, professional-looking blouse and functional pants. 

Cancer: Comfort and style

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You love dressing up but comfort is still your ultimate priority. When you're feeling uncomfortable with what you're wearing, it affects your mood immensely. So it's important to choose something fashionable but comfy. Enter the wrap dress. It's easy to wear, very elegant and looks polished. 

Leo: Strong and bold

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Leos are said to be at their best when they're dressed in a striking fashion. You're a dauntless stylista and you don't hide it all. For corporate settings, you may want to opt for a more muted hue to wear like pastels, which are just as eye-catching as your usual bold and bright shade of choice. Pair it with your best metallic shoes to showcase your daring personality.

Virgo: Pretty polished

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Nails trimmed, clothes ironed out and not a hair out of place — that's you, Virgo baby! You love the polished and classic business look. Put together a streamlined outfit by looking for a well-fitted blazer and blouse, then pair it with some striped slacks for a little bit of flair. Complete the outfit with a sophisticated handbag.

Libra: All about neutrals

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People say that you often act as the neutral peacemaker of the bunch. Libras are indeed all about balancing the scales. And when it comes to fashion, this means that you prefer exquisite neutral pieces. Contrary to popular belief, wearing neutrals alone does not result in a boring ensemble. All you have to do is experiment with different shades of browns, light pink and match it with black or white to get your preferred look.

Scorpio: Unconventional

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More often than not, you're always seen sporting the colour black, which is a favourite hue in business settings, although sometimes you want to mix things up a bit. Add a little spruce to your styling by doing the half-tuck. It's fierce and experimental without trying too hard — just the way you like it. Make sure to keep the tuck neat in order to avoid looking awkward.

Sagittarius: Athleisure with a twist

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A Sagittarius never leads the sedentary life. You're steadfast in achieving your fitness goals so you always make time to drop by the gym. And this means you either have to lug a gym bag or wear some pieces of your exercise outfit at work. Incorporate your fitness attire into your work ensemble by throwing on a blazer and donning a belt to make the outfit look presentable for the workplace.

Capricorn: Simply sophisticated

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Your wardrobe is full of quality clothing that will be the envy of all minimalist lovers out there. You like to keep things coordinated and easy on the eyes although you abhor looking boring. So we recommend that you try out some bell sleeves and asymmetrical hems to spice up your style.

Aquarius: Relaxed

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You'll never be caught wearing plain designs even when in business settings. The good news is you never have to compromise your love for prints and colours. Choose a dress with an elegant cut and match it with a classy bag and watch for a more chic look. Instead of a jacket, have a blazer handy when you need more coverage to maintain that refined aura.

Pisces: Sweet and simple

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As a water sign, it's natural that you don't like dressing in an uptight manner. Your best bets are loose and flowing pieces made with comfortable fabric that feels soft on the skin. An A-line dress would be a perfect power outfit for you. It's appropriate for the workplace but it's not as restricting. Throw on a quirky item into the ensemble to show your fun, creative side.

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