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Prep Talk With Hada Story's Stefy, Rose And Camille

Bonded by their love of skincare

This July, we're sharing stories of the friendships and sisterhoods behind businesses. These are the journey of people whose friendships have flourished into partnerships. They share the perks and perils of running a business venture with your closest friends. 

It's a given that our friends share more or less the same interests as us. But it's rare for these shared interests to become something more than just a hobby. Stefy, Rose and Camille were just a group of friends bonded by their love for skincare who eventually started to conceptualise Hada Story, a vegan skincare and cosmetic brand. 

Read on as they share their experiences about being friends and business partners at the same time. 

The Start Of A Venture

When asked how the three friends met, Stefy shared that Rose is actually a friend way back from high school and Camille is a college friend. The three immediately became good friends because they share the same interests. Stefy said, "Having friends who actually are passionate about the same thing as you is a blessing. From something that you just talk about over brunch and dinner became something more serious, more like a passion project. Rose handles marketing and Camille leads the product conceptualisation, it's a very good dynamic."

The Hada Story

Stefy also shared that at a young age she was already conscious about how her skin looks, so she's more interested in having a clear, glowing healthy skin than trying out makeup looks; a preference that is shared by Rose and Camille. So over a couple of dinners, they started toying with the idea of having a skincare business venture — and so Hada Story was created.

Rose said that working with friends has its own advantages and disadvantages, "Of course, it's always easier because you already trust these people; you can have difficult discussions with them and you'll still be respected. But on the other hand, there's still an undeniable emotional side to working with a friend, so it's very important to have maturity and professionalism on all matters."

Ultimately, their collaboration led to them being closer and having a stronger bond. As Camille said, "In the end, we're friends and we share the same passion for skincare — that is why we collaborated do this. It's the process that's always fun, as we constantly innovate our products to meet customers' needs and expectations."

Good Friends Make Great Business Partners

"I can't stress enough how thankful I am for having good friends that you can depend on," Stepfy added. "My advice to them (to myself too, and to anyone) is to hustle hard and take risks. Always follow through your dreams. The world never waits, it continues to move and evolve so you have to just go and do it. Remember, there is no perfect time to be ready, so make your move now. The first move is the hardest, but once you get past it, things will just start to fall into place. And when the challenging days come (as they inevitably do) just push through it, focus and make your plans happen." 

As for Rose, she fully supports Stefy. She said, "Don't be scared to try crazy things. It's always yourself that you have to be in competition with. Strive to be better each day."

Camille, who leads the product conceptualisation, has a more pragmatic advice, "Always listen to your customers. Feedback is gold. Know their needs and specifications and create a relationship with them if you can."

Of course, this article would not be complete without asking the trio about their Clozette must-haves. For Camille, it's her trusty sunblock and floral mists. For Stefy, it's a super reliable power bank, her planner and Hada's very own lip tint and floral water. Finally for Rose, it's her phone and her planner. 

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