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Pretty Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Every Eye Colour

Take note, ladies!

We can confidently say that pink is a universally flattering eyeshadow colour. It's a balance between the muted pearl white and fiery red. Even if you're having fun with contact lenses, we assure that pink can still work no matter what eye colour you're rocking at the moment.

Here are some tips on how to make your eyes pop with pink. 

For Your Natural Brown And Hazel Eyes

For your natural brown eyes, it's best not to use do a streak of pink bold, single shadow as it can easily overpower your eye colour. Instead, define your crease with a darker colour to balance the look.

For Green And Amber Eyes

When using pink eyeshadow for green and amber eyes, you can opt to have it as the defining colour to be placed on your crease. Then for the lid, take a complementary colour to create depth. The layers of the colours will frame and intensify your green/ amber eyes even more. 

For Blue And Grey Eyes

For blue and grey eyes, you'd want to explore light pinks like champagne, peach and baby pinks. As blue and grey eyes are already prominent, the key is to frame it with subtle shades. The goal of the makeup here is to enhance and not divert attention away from the eyes.

These outfits prove that you can wear head-to-toe pink without looking cheesy.