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There are people who can easily commit to changing a certain aspect of their lives. But there are also those who struggle a bit more than the usual. If you belong to the second group, don't worry. Your struggle today doesn't have to be your struggle forever. Sure, changing your life is not easy and you definitely cannot do it in a snap. But with little changes and tiny steps, you'll get to where you want to be in time. So how do you do it? By forming habits. 

Eh, but habits sound boring. We know! But they don't have to be such dreadful things to commit to. Ahead, we've listed down apps — we've got you, fellow millennials! — to help keep you on track no matter what your goal is.


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This one doesn't only help you in keeping track of your goals but it also helps you keep track of your mood. This way you'd know which activities make you happy, so it would be easier to keep them. If you're not the type to set goals for yourself, this can help you get ideas, too. They have well-crafted plans to help you achieve your chosen goal — yes, they'll give you prompts and suggested activities according to what you want to accomplish. Plus, they also have tons of resources about productivity, well-being, and more.


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They say you need to inject fun into a task in order for it to be accomplished easily. That's the idea behind this habit-tracker-slash-video-game. Yes, it's like role-playing but it's actually your life! Neat, eh? It works a bit the same as every other habit tracker only with this app, your tasks are little monsters you need to conquer. You also progress like how you'd play a video game. Say, you lost track of one habit, your Habitica version would backslide in the game, too.


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Keep track of your goals — and squash old ones — with the help of this app built based on Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret. It's so easy to use. Just set up a habit you want to commit to and update the app on your progress. You'll see how much you've progressed since starting your new habit, and you'll even get a word of motivation while reviewing your stats. You can also make your habit as flexible as you'd like. Yes, you can commit to habits that don't have to be done daily.


This tracker keeps you motivated through the help of others. In a way, it works like its own mini community. You can share your milestones and people who are using the app to form the same habits as you can send you a message of encouragement. You can also set reminders for each of your goals.

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Before you start making new habits, take these tips for a more mindful year.



Another year is coming to an end, and it's become second nature to us to reflect on various significant events that we will treasure forever. However, we shouldn't dwell much on what's already done but rather look forward to a fresh new chapter ahead of us. Here are some mantras and quotes from the Community that may inspire you in 2018.

"I am in the process of positive changes."

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"Eat Well, Travel Often."

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It's the last working day of 2017! How crazy does that sound? Before you doze off or jet off — whatever you plan on doing before ringing in the new year — let's pause for a bit to learn about these exciting pieces of news.


You may remember that The Balm announced the coming of the Manizer sisters' new sibling. Well, she hasn't arrived yet, but a cousin did come. Meet the Dew-manizer, which you can say is a liquid version of their famous powder highlighters.

Shilla in HK

Speaking of new things, here's something people in Hong Kong can enjoy. Shilla Duty Free is now at the Hong Kong International Airport. Enjoy your favourite beauty products at the Beauty&You Store.

Brooklyn Beckham in Manila

It was rumoured in October that Bench would be bringing Brooklyn Beckham and Cole Sprouse to participate in the Bench anniversary fashion show. The two, unfortunately, did not come. But good news for fans of Brooklyn: he's finally coming to Manila in January to launch his photography book What I See.

Goodbye, glitter

Scientists are calling for the ban of glitter, and that includes the ones we find in makeup. They have estimated that 51 trillion pieces of microplastics have entered the oceans, which is bad news for our animal friends — and for us in the long run. If you're not ready to really bid glitter goodbye, what else can you do? There are, thankfully, bio-degradable options in the market.

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