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Proper Face Washing: Should You Skip Cleansing In The Morning?

Are you over-washing?

We’d all love to have flawless-looking skin, that’s why we can be a bit meticulous about our skincare. Usually, what comes first in our elaborate multi-step routines is face washing. Prior to applying all sorts of moisturisers, oils, and essences on our faces, it has become automatic for us to wash our faces before anything else. Normally, people wash their faces twice a day: in the morning and at night. But what if this habit does more harm than good? 

In a video with Vogue, Hollywood actress Bella Thorne revealed that face washing only once a day helped stop her acne. “I don't wash my face in the morning because there’s something called over-washing your face. And when I had really bad acne, that was one of the things I stopped, and it actually helped my skin,” she explained. It seems quite a ridiculous idea at first. After all, this most basic skincare practice helps refresh and clean our face before we start our day. So would Bella’s advice really work? 

Is over-washing really a thing?

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Contrary to popular belief, having a squeaky clean feeling is a sign that there’s something wrong with your routine. If you feel this way after cleansing, it means you’ve over-washed and stripped your skin of its natural oils. This leaves it without a barrier for external pollutants that we may encounter during the day. Not only that but washing your face too much can also leave your skin dry and reddish in the long run. 

Recovering from over-washing

If you’re experiencing a tight and dry feeling, maybe it’s time to switch up your routine. Aside from the cleanser you’re using, the frequency of your face washing also contributes greatly to this problem. To put a stop to this, try not to use any product on your skin for a few days and leave it to rest and recover on its own. If you really can’t help it, use cleansing oils for a change because they don’t disrupt the production of your natural oils. 

Cleansing once a day

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The optimum time to do your face washing is at night, to clean off all the makeup and pollutants stuck to your pores after a long day. But, you might be wondering, if excessive dirt and oil cause our breakdowns, wouldn’t it make better sense to cleanse them off as much as possible? Well, according to The New York Times, while we sleep at night, our body works on repairing the damage and producing the protective oil barriers our skin needs. Cleansing in the morning would just strip all those nourishment away, leaving you vulnerable to more pimple-causing irritants.

Proper face washing

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Still, skincare isn’t a one-type-fits-all kind of thing. It still depends on your skin and what feels best for you. Face washing is just the first step to your skincare, and other habits such as your diet contribute a lot to how your skin appears. The only way to know which works best for you is by experimenting. What can really help is finding a good cleanser — one that effectively removes all the bad stuff while being gentle enough to leave the natural oils your skin needs. And if you found one and your skin type can withstand face washing twice a day, then go ahead and feel free to do your thing!

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