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When doing our makeup, there are certain parts of the look we can easily whizz through such as our foundation and mascara. But there are those parts that take a bit of time, effort, and blending like our eye shadows and lipstick.

But with LANEIGE's latest Two Tone Collection, achieving the K-beauty inspired makeup look is a breeze!

To show you the chic looks you can do with the Two Tone Shadow and Lip Bars, we recently got together with LANEIGE and gave two of our Clozette Ambassadors, Agnes and Claudia, a Korean-inspired makeover!




Day-to-Night Look: Agnes was given a day-to-night makeover using two colours each from the Two Tone Lip Bar range and the Two Tone Shadow Bar line.

Her soft and fun daytime look was achieved with the Orange Island Shadow Bar and the Orange Blurring Lip Bar. While her nighttime look was done using the Golden Rose Shadow Bar and Maxi Red Lip Bar!

Check out her gorgeous transformation below!

“If you are wondering how all the K-pop stars always look so effortless and amazing, you can too! With LANEIGE's Two Tone Collection, you can now have gorgeous looking gradient lips and eyes!” - Agnes

“With artistic color match, the Two Tone Shadow Bar can easily take you from day to night looks by cleverly combining tones that blend well together!” - Agnes

“With its creamy texture, the Two Tone Lip Bar glides on to our lips smoothly with ease and spreads nicely like a sorbet, making application such a breeze!” - Agnes


Aegyo School-Girl to Demure Lady: Claudia’s makeover took inspiration from two Korean beauty trends: the “Aegyo school-girl” look, and the “demure lady” look!

To recreate the Aegyo school-girl trend, the coral and brighter shades of the Two Tone Lip Bar and Shadow Bar were used – Humming Coral and Juicy Pop. On the other hand, to transform her into a “demure lady,” earth tones were used on her lids (Coffee Bronze) and a chic hot pink was applied on her lips (Dear Pink) for a subtle pop of colour.

If you want to see her stylish makeover, keep scrolling down!

“The team wanted to recreate the cute and Aegyo Korean-schoolgirl look, so I had to wear a white dress and tie pigtail! I usually prefer neutral tones and the “no-make-up” kind of natural look, so it was definitely something different, not my usual look!” - Claudia

“I really like how versatile the Two Tone Collection is. The pink shade on the lipstick can double up as my blusher. So instead of bringing a whole bag of makeup out, now I can just simply bring 2 products out for touch-ups!” - Claudia

“Since it is a demure look and I had to look more ‘lady’…the make-up artist removed my previous eye and lip colours and applied the new shades… I am very amazed by how 2 different shades can magically transform the entire look and make me look so different!” - Claudia

Here are the final looks from the ladies! Which one is your favourite? Vote for your favourite looks here and stand to win one K-gorgeous Beauty Set used in your voted look/s!

*Voting contest is only open to Singapore*

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Which shades from the Two Tone Shadow and Lip Bar collections are you excited to try out? Share it with us in the comment section below!



"Plunge into the punchy pleasures of pink in a freshly made batch of scrumptious colours that let you have your cake, and wear it too."

Plunge into pink? Why, yes please! With the launch of MAC Flamingo Park, pink is looking to be the colour of the Spring/Summer season, bringing an invigorating brightness to our makeup look. Let's face it. After a broody Fall/Winter season, a bright pop of pink seems to be just what we need. 

So are you ready to add pink to your #MOTD? Here's a quick rundown on how you can rock the MAC Flamingo Park collection this year!


Step 1: Add A Glow To Your Base

What exactly is a beauty powder? Is it just a sheer blush? A sheer highlighter? A coloured face powder? Well, depends on your skin tone and how you apply it, it could be one or all of those things. Our favourite way to apply the beauty powder is by taking a fluffy face brush and lightly dusting it on the areas that light naturally hits.

The Flamingo Park collection features two shades of the beauty powder, namely Pearl Blossom (a light pink with silver pearlized pigments) and Sunny Surprise (a soft peach shade).

Step 2: A Subtle Pop Of Pink To Your Eyes

A neutral eye makeup look is always great for every day; but since we're right in the midst of Spring/Summer, now is the best time to inject a pop of colour to our eye look. But don't worry, you don't have to go crazy with bright pink all over your lids (though you can if you want to because makeup is all about fun and experimentation!).

If you're not ready to plunge into a full-on pink #motd, try this instead. With a fluffy blending brush gently work in Bird's Eye View along your crease. It's a hot magenta colour and quite pigmented, so keep your application light. Next, pack on Hello, There, a soft nude beige colour, all over your lids and softly blend it upwards into Bird's Eye View to create a slight fade along the crease. Finally, deepen the outer corners of the eyes with Corduroy, a muted reddish brown shade. Build it up to an intensity you're comfortable with--either keeping it light or packing it on for a smokey effect.

The Flamingo Park collection consists of 6 eyeshadows in a variety of finishes. Select from the following shades: Hello, There (matte), Bird’s Eye View (satin), Flock & Roll (matte), Just Wing It (satin), Sushi Flower (satin), and Corduroy (matte)

Step 3: Work On Those Lashes

Nothing completes an eye look more than lashes, lashes...and more lashes! So layer on the Haute & Naughty Lash mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. The formula is lightweight, velvety, and doesn't weight down a curl. It also features a dual-wiper system that allows you to either create defined lashes or add more volume. Best thing about it? It's flake-proof and smudge-proof!

The Flamingo Park collection features two mascaras: the Haute & Naughty Lash and Haute & Naughty Black.

Step 4: Colour Your Cheeks

If you're playing with colour, a good rule of thumb to note is to work around one major colour. Since there is already a pop of magenta on the eyes, opt for a more muted blush like What I Fancy. It's a soft bright apricot shade with a satin finish that gives your cheeks just the right pop of colour without drawing attention away from the eyes. Just be sure to apply this lightly, focusing on the apples of the cheeks and blending upwards towards the cheek bones.

The Flamingo Park collection consists of 6 blushes in a variety of finishes. Select from the following shades: Life’s A Picnic hot reddish pink (satin), Pink Swoon (satin), Let’s Be Friends (satin), What I Fancy (satin), This Could Be Fun (satin), and Spring Flock (satin).

Step 5: Pop On A Lippie

Since the look is already quite glowy, complete your #motd with a matte lipstick in an almost-nude shade, much like a my-lips-but-better shade like Please Me. It's a muted rosy-tinted pink that harmonises beautifully with the apricot blush.

The Flamingo Park collection consists of 7 lipsticks in a variety of finishes. Select from the following shades: Flocking Fabulous (cremesheen + pearl), Please Me (matte), Nice to Meet You (cremesheen), Be Silly (matte), Long Legged & Fabulous (cremesheen + pearl), Silly (matte), Saint Germain (amplified).

Step 6: A Dash Of Gloss

If you're not quite a fan of matte lips, bring dimension back to your pout with a light dab of Cremesheen Glass in the shade Sweet Tooth. It's warm mid-tone pink that complements the matte Please Me lipstick.

The Flamingo Park collection consists of 5 Cremesheen Glass shades to choose from: Such Sweeties, Look Who’s Here!, Sweet Tooth, Petite Indulgence, and Playful Petal.


The MAC Flamingo Park collection is now available at all MAC counters in the Philippines



Launching a new brand signature is no easy feat; but Natalie Bader, the Brand President of Clarins, is the perfect woman to take the lead for such an endeavour. From the way she speaks about the brand’s new change in direction, to her involvement in developing new ways for Clarins to communicate to their customers—you can definitely see her passion, determination, and love for Clarins and its customers.

During Clarins’ Singapore launch, we got to chat with Natalie herself and got the exclusive details on their new campaign’s direction that’s focused on bringing authentic beauty to the market, what her dream product to create would be, and many more!


Can you tell us more about the new campaign Clarins is launching?

“…the signature of the brand [is] “It’s All About You”… And it’s interesting because it’s not only a message for the customer, but it is also an internal message for all the people working in Clarins… to remind them that the most important [thing] in Clarins is the customer.”

What has been done so far to help the brand understand women?

“..we made an U&A (Usage & Attitude_ on the customers worldwide in terms of beauty, aspiration, and requests. And of course, when we have specific tests that we want to conduct, we make dedicated test on new concepts, new packaging, and so on…Because it’s important to know what the customer feels, what is missing, what they like, and so on.”

Were there any specific findings in the women’s skincare market that inspired this change in direction?

“We have noticed specifically in Asia that there is an evolution in terms of beauty. The women want more and more to be themselves, which is a big change. In Asia, in the past, they wanted to look like a model… Now it’s interesting because Asians want to accept beauty and be themselves, and to have their own personality.

The philosophy of Clarins has always been to provide authentic beauty. In Clarins, you’ll never see celebrities in advertising. We don’t want everyone to look like Julia Roberts. We want to show real women.”

The decision to feature real women in the campaign is a bold move. Were there any challenges in finding these real women?

“It is a challenge, but it expresses the philosophy of Clarins – which is to show authentic beauty, not to show a girl of 16 selling a product for a woman of 50. We don’t sell miracle beauty – we sell real, authentic beauty. Which is why we select women who are close to the products we are supposed to sell to. It is a challenge, but not so much because we notice that there are more and more models of every age thanks to the open-mindedness of the world today.

Now, my artistic director is shooting in Los Angeles this week for 2017. In the campaign, we have one woman of 60 and she is the most beautiful of every woman we have.”

What do you think sets Clarins apart from other Western brands who are trying to court the Asian market?

(photo from jescloy)

“We have a team in Asia to develop the product. The team is not in Paris. The team working on the specific product for Asia is in Asia. So we try to – first of all – to be close to the people we are talking about.”

Moving on to a lighter note, which Clarins product can you not live without?

“My favourite product is definitely the Double Serum. My second one is the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body, a self-tanning product. And the Clarins Tonic Oil, it’s a magical product.”

What would be your dream product to create?

“Many people are talking about my blue eyes. I have so many comments about my eyes that I think that women would love to have eye drops that you [can] put to change the colour of your eyes – not a coloured lens.”

What’s your personal daily beauty regimen?

“First of all, I’m a big fan of the cleanser. I will never go to bed without removing my makeup, so the cleanser is very important. I do a scrub twice a week. I use a serum and a cream every morning and night. I’m not a big fan of eye products, it’s not in my regimen – I don’t know why.”


Which Clarins product are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comment section below!