Quick Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Do When You Don’t Have Time

(cover photo from pupuren)

In less than 2 weeks, it’ll already be October 31st, and that means invitations to Halloween parties left and right. You already have the costume, but to make it work, you need a great makeup look to go with it too. But in this day and age, who seriously has the time to meticulously do a ‘spook-tastic’ makeup look?

Luckily, the beauty gurus of the Internet know your dilemma and have created a plethora of fast and easy Halloween makeup tutorials using products you already have.

So when you find yourself pressed for time to create a bangin’ Halloween costume, keep scrolling below for our favourite quick Halloween makeup tutorials!


Spider Web

by Cosmobyhaley

Extremely versatile, this spider web look will be your new go-to every Halloween whenever you have to quickly put together a random costume. As long as you have an eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette, you’ll be good to go!



by RositaAppleBum

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid on Halloween? It’s fun, chic, and is perfect for those of you who love rocking a little bit of colour! So to take the stress out of channeling your inner Ariel, just watch the tutorial above and put your favourite glitter pigments to good use!


Stitched Up Mouth

by Shaanxo

If you want to creep out people with your Halloween look, but at the same time impress them with your skills, you’ll love this Stitched Up Mouth tutorial by Shaanxo. The best thing about this look? It only requires products you already have in your kit, whether you're a beginner or an expert!



by Littlemissboo

Sport the famous deer this Halloween and perfect that doe-eyed look using your favourite highlight and contour shades and a whole lot of eye shadow. Just make sure to prime your face properly to ensure that it won’t fade throughout the night!



by Mawizaaable

For this Halloween, instead of rocking a costume that’s cute, or sexy, or scary, why not go as something empowering? You can easily sport the Greaser, a feminist icon, since the makeup look needed is nothing you probably haven’t done before --so work your feline flicks and red lips and slay all night!


What costume will you be rocking this Halloween? Share your ideas with us below!