Quick Review: Fragrances

Mini-reviews from our Beauty Community

What we love most about our Beauty Community is their enthusiasm for giving their personal review on not only the latest products out on the market but also their long-time favourites. And one thing they all seem to really love (aside from Makeup, of course) is Fragrances. So we thought we'd compile a quick review on some of the fragrances our Community has been posting about lately.


Annick Goutal Petite Cherie
by Paperkitties

"This fragrance is described as the unique experience of womanhood, a celebration of the many transitions in a woman's life. A mother's beautiful vision for her child, this Eau de Toilette is classy, soft yet fresh and fruity." 

Miracle by Lancome
by fifiliciousify

"This classic scent is perfect for a light and flowery everyday wear and a lovely signature scent if you're looking for one! It's quite light and hence not that long lasting so you will have to spritz it throughout the day." 

Modern Muse by Estee Lauder
by Enabelle

"Modern Muse is captivating with it's harmonious Jasmine & Wood accords. Uncompromisingly feminine yet firm, this is one fragrance for the women of today." 

Lavin Me Eau De Parfum
by cassansaurusanaesi

"If you love sweet scents then this one is definitely a perfume you would want to check out. I am totally in love with this scent ever since I got the sample size and love the packaging which is classic and elegant looking." 

Victoria by Victoria's Secret
by cynthiatseng95

"My current favourite scent! Love the cute packaging with this huge bow on top! The scent is not too overpowering and it's a total mix of sweet, sexy and fresh!" 

Untold Eau Legere
by musicalhouses

"It's a light, citrusy-floral scent with a wearable patchouli base. It's easy-to-wear as far as perfumes go, and is feminine without being either too sweet or cloying (my pet peeves in fragrances). Not to mention that the bottle is gorgeous as well!"

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt 
by silverkis

"Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt evokes a sense of nostalgia and transposes me to places I've loved. Ambretta seed lends a crisp freshness, whilst sea salt and sage gives the scent it's unique characteristic."