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Quick Review: Skincare

With all the skincare products out there in the market, it sometimes can get quite overwhelming when trying to decide a new item to try or what item to look for to solve your skincare issues. 

Since our Beauty Community is filled with savvy beauty-gurus who are actively trying a variety of products and sharing their quick reviews on the items, we've put together a list of quick-reviews we recently spotted.

So if you're looking to add a new skincare item to your collection, give these a try!


How To Maintain & Avoid Sagging Skin
by loveforskincare

"As promised, here's sharing what I use at home to maintain and avoid sagging skin especially around my jawline/chin. 1) Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Mask: immediate effect, great just before a date night or important occasion. 2) Skin Dip Serum: prescribed by Dr Eileen Tan after my first try with thermage to give a boost to my collagen formation..." 

Collagen Drink
by SmitaDeSouza

"The latest addition to my skincare routine isn't a cream or a serum, but a supplement - the Laneige Collagen Drink to be precise. One swig of it (the entire bottle) at bed time, just after my skincare routine. Despite fish collagen and elastin it's quite tasty and I don't even mix it with a juice." 

For An At-Home Facial
by Vinvola

"Since i'm not able to arrange for a facial appointment this month, I use Erabelle Skin Softening Refiner for a mini-facial at home. It acts as an exfoliating scrub and a mask, all you have to do is to to apply a layer of it on your cleansed skin and wait 5-7 minutes for the products to “melt” into a thin transparent film." 

For Clear, Radiant Skin
by beautifulbuns

"My resolution for this year is to get good, clear, healthy, and radiant skin, so these are some of the stuff I'm using at the moment. Newest to join my army is IDS clinic's LycoWhite Oral Skin Supplement, which is supposed to help increase skin fairness and work as an oral sunblock. " 

Natural Skincare Products
by musicalhouses

"These Alexiares & Ani skincare products are pretty darn awesome! The Twins Vitamin C and E serum is a well-formulated serum with a stabilized form of Vitamin C, and The Co-Conspirator Revitalizing Eye Gel has various peptides to help overall skin quality. " 

Tried a new skincare product recently? Snap a photo and share a quick review with our Beauty Community!