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Quick Tip: What's The Best Skincare Formulation?

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The secret to good skin lies in your choice of skincare, from products that contain harsher chemicals that are able to target and treat your skin issues at its core, or those that tout an all-natural appeal, keeping its ingredient list short and simple and thus treating your skin in a gentler manner.

No matter which choice you prefer, dermatologist Dr. Melvin Ee, makes a point in this video when he says that with everything in the market today, it's always best to choose products with simpler formulations.

Whatever your skin type might be, a skincare product that contains the least amount of ingredients with a focus on being fragrance free, oil free, and noncomedogenic is your best bet. This lowers the possibility of skin irritation or the exacerbation of your skin problems. Skincare products like Cetaphil's skincare range are great examples as they tout a simple formula that has been known to give great results--trusted by dermatologists around the world as a brand that truly works due to its fast-absorption rate and gentle formulation.

But if you're still overwhelmed by your skincare regimen's ingredient list, here's a good rule of thumb to note by: take note of the type of ingredients in a product. The simpler they are the better. That way, you're assured the product has been formulated to give the best results and with a low probability of containing ingredients which your skin may be sensitive or allergic to.

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