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A day dedicated to celebrating love and relationships, Valentine's Day has long been embedded in many cultures since it is an occasion that can easily be appreciated by all. Besides the cut-out hearts and the cheesy love songs filling the airwaves during this time of the year, having another reason to give your significant other a gift they truly deserve is what makes this occasion extra special. 

But as we become more and more mature, we tend to put less time on surprises and more time spent on being in each other's company. So if you and your S.O. are done with guessing games this coming 14 February, find out the best type of jewellery you can shop for together based on the truths about your relationship with this quiz.

1. How long have you been together? 

a. Six months or less; they've been magical so far

b. Seven months to a year; going stronger and stronger

c. More than a year; we're soulmates without a doubt


2. What's your relationship's backstory? 

a. Straight from a movie script: a 'meet-cute' kind of moment

b. The traditional way: we met through friends/from work

c. The classic scenario: we knew each other way back in school/childhood friends

3. Choose a drink that best embodies your S.O.


a. Water. Simple, uncomplicated, dependable, and always sticking by me no matter what

b. Wine. Exciting, radiant, adventurous, and extremely passionate

c. Coffee. Energetic, spontaneous, and knows just how to encourage and motivate me

4.  If you were to choose one out of all the keepsakes throughout the span of your relationship, what would it be?

a. Our first photograph as an official couple

b. A stuffed animal that was generously spritzed with his/her signature fragrance

c. A handwritten letter that's mushy but romantic at the same time

5. How would you describe your S.O.'s go-to style?

a. Comfy and casual. It's all about shirts and denim

b. Edgy and experimental. Some days it's suave and preppy, the next it's grungy or almost avant-garde

c. Crisp and classy. Button-downs, a sleek watch, plus a pair of black or nude shoes

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6. Which fashion piece relates the most to your S.O.'s character?

a. A pair of shoes. He/she knows everything about me and has been with me through some of life's highest highs and lowest lows

b. A handkerchief. Even if we're always together, he/she still allows me to be my own person and supports me in all of my endeavours

c. A wristwatch. Butting heads is a common thing between us, but it's only because he/she always motivates me to look beyond my self-limiting tendencies

7. Which Ed Sheeran song from ÷ (Divide) would you dedicate to your S.O.?


a.  Dive. There's still a bit of uncertainty as to where you're going but right now it feels you found 'The One'

b.  Shape Of You.  You're feeling overwhelmed by all of your emotions and feelings, but hey, you ain't complaining!

c. Perfect. They make you feel like your entire life has been leading up to this moment, with this special person beside you for the rest of your life

8. Lastly, what are your plans this coming Valentine's Day?


a. A special date night is already planned out, complete with flowers and a fancy dinner. 

b. We'll just hang out as usual but will end the day by giving gifts to celebrate the occasion.

c. All we need is Netflix, an enjoyable movie that will leave us in a feel-good mood, and each other's company. Nothing too complex. 


If you answered mostly A, then a beautiful necklace is your best choice!

Your relationship gives a youthful and refreshing vibe that goes way beyond age or calendar days. Just like Goldheart's Dazzlo 'The Sweet One' necklaces, embrace the playfulness and the fulfilling joy of your relationship and remember that you're both always close to each other's hearts.

If you answered mostly B, a charm bracelet that speaks 'love language' will definitely make her swoon.

You treat your relationship as an adventure and you work through it with your S.O. with charm and grace. You are each other's compass and what better way to show some love than to get a treasure chest of your own creation in the form of a charm bracelet. Just like PANDORA's Explosion of Love bracelet, an armband that's filled with heart-shaped charms is like saying 'I love you' all-day everyday. 

If you answered mostly C, an exquisite pick is a ring that ties your bond together.

You've already established and endured a lot in your relationship that you have no need for something that's too fancy or glamorous. Instead, a band — just like this gorgeous ring from Destinee's Promise collection, that signifies your infinite love and affection for each other — is the perfect gift for the occasion. 

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Trends may be born on the runway, but they live on the streets. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the coming fashion season of Spring/Summer, here are some of the up-and-coming styles that you can adapt to your everyday personal style. 

The Pastel Palette

Comme des Garcons, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton

Pastels are still very big for Spring/ Summer 2018. Aside from the popular millennial pink and the celebrated purple pastel, other hues that have been seen on the runway are baby blues, lemon, and melon. To avoid looking like a popsicle stick, wear this trend by pairing it with neutral colours like white, beige and black.

Polka Dots

Valentino, Dolce & GabbanaComme des Garcons

Polka dots are back on the runway, and they're coming back in all sorts of sizes and colours. Keep it classy by balancing the elements in your ensemble. Since polka dot outfits are already eye-catching as it is, pair it with subtle accessories instead of bold ones. 

1950s Florals

Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Valentino

Florals have become a staple trend in the past seasons, and it looks like it's still here to stay for Spring/Summer 2018. Last season, it was all about blue and white winter florals. Now, the spotlight is on vintage florals, the kind that used to be a favourite print for wallpapers back in the 1950s. It's dainty, classic and totally wearable. 

Sling Bags

Valentino, CHANEL, Tod's

After you're finished gushing over the return of the fanny pack, there is another star trend that you might want to consider investing in: the sling bag. Its design is arguably more stylish and timeless, one that you can wear to a formal event but can also work in more casual settings.

Pattern Play

Valentino, Chloé, Loewe

We always expect Spring/Summer seasons to be bright and colourful, but the way it is uniquely presented is what makes us do a double-take. The play in patterns for this season is very interesting; subtle mini prints are being paired with bold strikes of colour, leopard prints become classy accents and patchworks look elegant when placed as geometric patterns. 

(Cover photo from: CHANEL)



Some styles never fade away. One true example of a classic is the red lip. It's bold and empowering. Swipe some on and you'll feel instantly fierce. Take a cue from these Community members and rock that red.


(Photo from: wxwgwen)


(Photo from: qiyunz)