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Rare Records At Hyundai Card's "Music Library"

(cover photo from @amychung130)

Those who yearn for the old days where music wasn’t digital yet and you could feel every note while a song was playing, you’re going to love Seoul’s Hyundai Card’s “Music Library + Understage” complex. This vinyl record mecca houses 10,000 records (or 10,071 to be exact), 3,000 vinyl-related books, and every issue of Rolling Stone magazine since its first issue in 1967!

Tucked away in a state-of-the-art building in central Seoul, the library of records are the combined collections of several Korean music collectors who scoured the globe to find both popular and rare records.

The building’s top two floors are dedicated to records and music publications from the ’50s to the present, while the basement is the Understage performance venue for indie artists. The building is even equipped with six LP players in the main atrium for people to listen to!

Excited to take a little tour down music history? Then you’ll love that this music library has three coveted vinyl records that are so rare, some don’t even know of their existence! So keep reading below for the rare vinyl records that you’ll only find at this record library!


"God Save The Queen" by Sex Pistols (1977)

Released in 1977 during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee, “God Save the Queen” was highly controversial for its time due to it being regarded as an assault on the Queen and the British monarchy. Being banned by the BBC and Independent Broadcasting Authority didn’t stop the song from making it to #2 on the UK Singles Chart, though!
"Yesterday And Today" by The Beatles (1966)

Beatles fans may remember this album for its scandalous original cover, called the “butcher cover,” where the band was dressed in smocks and covered in decapitated baby dolls and meat. While most records of this album show a more conservative shot, the Music Card + Library has the original one, which will surely attract music and Beatles fans alike!
"A Special Radio Promotion Album in Limited Edition" by The Rolling Stones (1969)

By far the most famous Rolling Stones promotional album, only 400 records were created in 1969 — 200 for the U.S. market and 200 for the U.K. market. The album features more of the band’s obscure tracks, with the album cover being taken during a recording session for their 1969 album Let It Bleed.