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2018 was a big year for Netflix with the rise of their biggest original productions such as their adaptation of Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before and their darker take on Sabrina The Teenage Witch. They didn't stop there, though. Crossing over to the new year, they've made quite a stir with news of their latest releases. We're talking about the shows and movies you may have had a glimpsed of on your socials this past couple of days. Do Bird Box and Black Mirror's Bandersnatch ring a bell?


Unfortunately, we don't all have the luxury of time to jump into a series or a movie to see if it really is worth the hype or just meme-able. So we've taken one for the team. Here's what we think of the new Netflix Originals. 

Bird Box

With Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson headlining the movie, it's no surprise why it was much anticipated. Following a similar format like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's A Quiet Place, Bird Box is a thriller that relies not on CGI but the characters being sensory handicapped to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Overall, it is a very exciting film to watch that will leave you gasping at some moments. It ends anticlimactically and will leave you wanting more — not necessarily in a good way — soon after the credits start rolling. 

Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes

Verdict: It's not the first movie to have a compelling body that ends on a so-so mood. But while it may not exactly be mindblowing, it's still worth spending two hours of your time on a weekend.


Another Netflix thriller, but this time in the form of a series, You stars Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley and Once Upon A Time's Elizabeth Lail. Following the bestselling novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, the story revolves around Badgley's character Joe Goldberg, who falls in love with Lail's character, aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. Unlike your typical boy-meets-girl plot, their entire relationship is mixed with manipulation, mania and a lot of stalking. Oh, and did we mention that Shay Mitchell is also in this series?

Duration: 40 to 49 minutes per episode; 10 episodes for Season 1

Verdict: If you loved Gossip Girl then you'll definitely enjoy this one. It has the same air of (sometimes) questionable drama but with an elevated level of real-life horrors because it shows the danger of putting every aspect of your life on social media. It's also been commisioned for a second season even before it aired so that definitely gives you a reason to binge it, right?

Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour

This isn't exactly a movie or a series, but whether you love or hate T. Swift, it's inevitable for your interest to be piqued upon seeing her RepTour dropping on the streaming platform. One of the reasons is that the entire vibe of the Reputation album revolves around her past celebrity feuds, which we are all aware of. So whether you're a certified Swiftie or just a casual viewer, there's definitely an expectation of her throwing shade at Katy Perry or Kim and Kanye. Fair warning: it can either be a major plus or a massive disappointment when you find out that the entire duration of the film is just a run of the concert itself. Yep, no backstage, behind-the-scenes, or 'what's it like on the tour bus' clip in this one, fellas!

Duration: 2 hours and 5 minutes

Verdict: It's quite interesting to watch Taylor project a 180-turn from being a sweet pop-princess to an edgier and sexier persona as it shows her growth as an artist. However, it really depends on whether or not you're a massive Swiftie to be able to sit through this one especially since there are moments when Tay-tay just gets a bit preachy.  

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Unless you've been living under a rock this past couple of days, then you probably would have heard of Netflix's new approach to our viewing experience: the option to choose where the plot takes you. That's right. Taking technology to a whole new level, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch allows the viewers to control the main character and conclude the story depending on the viewer's choices. We won't spoil which and how many endings we've reached so far while 'playing' this episode but we will tell you that what's interesting is its concept of free will and decision-making when you are given the power to take over someone's life. Creepy yet intriguing, right?

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (estimated)

Verdict: If you're not ready for existential dread, then this may not be the thing for you. And we're not exaggerating. It can really pose a lot of reality-changing questions even just with a couple of runs. However, if you love conspiracies and a philosophical and mind-bending viewing experience, then you're really going to enjoy this. Take note, though, that there are some parts of the plot that can get droning when you try and try again. So to maximise the experience without it becoming a bore, we suggest taking a pause after an ending or so. This will help you take a break from the recurring plot-lines and refresh your experience once you're ready to jump back in again. 

(Cover photo from: @birdboxmovie)

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Minimalist fashion is cute and all but sometimes, we need our dose of patterns, too. It definitely adds a layer of dimension and structure to a look and it just speaks volumes about our style when we incorporate it in our outfits. So if you're looking for inspiration as to how you can sport more pattern pretty looks this 2019, these ensembles from the Community will definitely spark some great styling ideas. 

Plaid love

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

Stripe up

(Photo from: Aldora_Muses)



Instagram is the place to be when it comes to updates about our favourite celebrities and influencers. And besides the usual glitz and glamour of their daily lives and their careers, it always takes a more intimate and humbling turn whenever we get an insider view of their most candid moments, like how they celebrate their holidays, for example.

Speaking of the festive cheer gracing our feeds during the end of the year, we also got to see the #BestNine trend, where we get to see not only our own most liked and engaged photos of the year but also see which types of posts and content from our favourite celebrities and influencers resonated the most with their audience. So keep on scrolling to see which ones made it to the top 'gram grids of our favourite celebs and influencers.

Selena Gomez

The former-teen-queen-turned-best-selling-artist and social media queen bee may have gone on social media hiatus a couple of times last year for her mental and physical health but that doesn't mean her followers rested in showing her some love while she was away; her posts garnered a total of 339,517,859 likes. We hope that the songstress comes back in holistic top shape this 2019!

Ariana Grande

From almost getting married, her ex passing on, and rising above all the extremes and heartaches by releasing an empowering album to put the year to a close, 2018 was a crazy year for Ariana Grande. Even so, Arianators — and fellow personalities in the industry — continued to give her utmost love and support whether inside or outside of the 'gram. 

Huda Kattan

Being an influencer-turned-entrepreneur and owner of one of the biggest indie beauty brands of today, it's no doubt that Huda Kattan is one of the most influential personalities in the beauty community. Her grid usually consists of new product launches, beauty looks, casual snaps, and even a hint of her personal life featuring her hubby and their adorable baby so it's no wonder her multi-faceted Instagram snaps garnered almost 297 million likes in total in 2018.

Chiara Ferragni

2018 was a good kind of whirlwind year for Chiara Ferragni with her sharing photos of her pregnancy and wedding prep with us along the way. The testament that people are living for this type of content shows on the total of almost 693 million likes she got from her 1,415 posts last year. And from her myriad of wedding dress changes to the welcoming of her baby into her glamorous world as a fashion influencer, we can't wait to see more glimpses into the Ferragni life this 2019. 

Kylie Jenner

Moving away from her 2017 persona on the platform where it was all about makeup and style, 2018 was filled with glimpses of how the youngest sister from the Kardashian-Jenner clan added motherhood onto her belt with baby Stormi entering the picture. Needless to say, her fans are loving every bit of Stormi content as most of her #bestnine pics have her baby fronting it.

Loren Gray

The YouTuber turned social media influencer and recording artist garnered 373 million likes on her 380 posts in 2018. With her doll-like looks and occasional pop culture cosplays typically gracing her followers' feeds, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing and hearing more of her in 2019. 


Hear ye, hear ye! Queen Bey's #bestnine numbers are here and even with the slim number of 135 posts from 2018, she still garnered a whopping 388 million likes. Talk about her empire being stronger than ever. We just hope we see more of her and the Carter fam in 2019. 


Rih continuously takes the world by storm with her Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty brands but her personal account is not taking a step back either. From her legendary Met Gala look to her simple and gorgeously casual bare-faced selfie, we can't wait to see what this icon has in store for us — social media and product launches-wise — this new year. 

(Cover photo from: @beyonce)