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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New You

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that we’re officially in the 2020s, it’s time to get rid of bad habits we’ve acquired over the past several years. You know the drill: make a New Year’s resolution, start doing it, and give up a month or so later. We understand. Sometimes life just gets in the way. However, if you truly want to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions, here’s the secret – be realistic. Set goals that are attainable and concrete. Here are some realistic resolutions you can actually achieve this year.

Set up an emergency fund

While a convention resolution for most people is to save money, it’s not realistic. Why? Because this “simple” resolution is too vague. It’s easy to justify by saying, “Oh I’ve saved some money at the end of the month” and turn around to go on a shopping spree. The best way is to set a purpose for your goal. By mindfully setting aside money with every paycheck, with the specific target amount and use, you’ll be more inclined to keep at it in the long run.

Be kinder to yourself

Another realistic resolution is being kinder to yourself. Really take note of how you refer to yourself in thoughts. Instead of thinking, “I was so stupid…” or “How dumb of me to…” reframe those thoughts into positive ones. “I will do better…” or “I’ve learned through this experience that…” are proactive and more positive ways to think about yourself. Think of it this way: treat yourself like how you would treat your best friend — with respect, compassion, and love.

Take up a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby is actually one of the most realistic things to set out for. Just by the wealth of options, you could always try something new every month. From creative pursuits like painting to academic endeavours like documentary-watching, there’s a lot that you can do. As long as it provides you with peace and relaxation, a hobby is anything you deem it to be.

Be more active

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...even for at least 30 minutes everyday. Instead of saying, “I’ll start going back to the gym” or variations thereof, set a goal to incorporate 30 minutes of brisk walking in your day. You can track your activity through phone apps like Samsung Health or Apple Health, which take note of the time you spent moving. Whether you opt for casual strolls or full-on running, you could always start by setting a time period for your walk around the block.

Drink more water

It’s not enough to drink eight glasses of water a day. Actually, you should be drinking litres of it. To ease yourself into this new habit, set a reminder on your phone to drink a glass every twenty to thirty minutes. Keep a refillable water bottle near you so you don’t have the excuse of having to get up from where you are. There are also fun apps that make it into a game, like Plant Nanny which “waters” your plant every time you record a drink of water.

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