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What I'd Take With Me If I Were Cast On Reality TV

Some basic essentials

We may not broadcast our lives as the Kardashians, but you have to admit that you’ve speculated what it’s like to be on reality TV at least once before. Are the cameras always turned on to capture the ~drama~ that ensues every few hours? What do people do during their days off? Questions, questions, questions. One of which is “What can we bring on the show?”  Think of Netflix’s Terrace House series or the popular Pinoy Big Brother franchise in the Philippines. Sentimental tokens, practical tools, or everyday essentials, these are all fair game. So we asked five individuals what they’d bring with them if they were cast on a reality television show and this is what they're putting at the top of their packing list.

Nicholas, 32

Client Relationship Manager

Wine glasses held together

Conversations over drinks are some of the most enjoyable moments on a reality TV show.

For Nicholas, a client relationship manager, being on a reality TV show would be a good opportunity to create new friendships. So he’d prefer to bring some of his favourite drinks to get people to loosen up and his “inspiring funny attitude” which he thinks would easily make him friends with everyone on the show. And since hygiene is still a must, some hand sanitiser and masks are also on the top of his packing list.

Aimee, 23

Production Assistant

A camera in a full suitcase

Aimee will be packing her camera to capture priceless memories she'd make while on the show.

Since she works behind-the-scenes of nationally broadcasted television shows in the Philippines, production assistant (and K-pop stan) Aimee has a ready answer to what she’d bring to a reality TV show. “If I could bring gadgets with me, I’d really need my laptop for streaming SEVENTEEN’s performances and I’d bring a camera along to get back into photography.” Aside from those, her essentials would include her skincare products — “for glowing skin on camera” — and her art journal to de-stress.

Vino, 28

Video Journalist

A hand holding an iPhone

Vino will be bringing his phone along — for research purposes.

In Vino’s case, he’d also bring a gadget. His top priority would be bringing his phone which he can use to research about the other participants. The video journalist would also bring a pocket knife which would be “useful for sudden games and safety” and several bottles of hand sanitiser “since they are strangers and the COVID war has not come to an end.”

Noreen, 24

Graphic Designer

A girl holding a guitar on her shoulder

A musician at heart, Noreen will be hauling her guitar with her luggage if ever she gets cast on a reality TV show.

As for self-proclaimed introvert, graphic designer Noreen plans to bring things she can occupy her time with if she gets cast on a reality TV show. “I’d bring my headphones and an iPod with preloaded music on it so I can use it to escape from the other strangers living with me when I’ve had enough social interaction,” she laughed. She would also bring her guitar “for when I’m bored or want to express my feelings about this whole ordeal” and her laptop where she can journal about her experience. When given a final choice of what to bring, she said a jump rope would be one of her necessities to stay physically fit if they don't have a gym available at the accommodations.

Lei, 25

Law Student

An Asian girl wearing the Lillian Lace Sleeve Midi Dress in Navy Blue from Love Bonito

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Like Noreen, third-year law student Lei would rather bring some things she can entertain herself with. “[I’d bring my] earphones and mp3 for when I get bored and also to escape from my housemates”, she shared immediately, “or my fave book so I have something to do during the lulls.” She’d also pack athletic gear and rubber shoes for her stint on a reality TV show. “Usually there's always a physical challenge,” she mused. “So if there's a challenge involving a physical activity I will be prepared [with the appropriate clothing].” Ever fashion-conscious, she's also already thinking of the perfect exit outfit. “Whether I get eliminated too early or I manage to make it to the finals, at least I will make a memorable last impression.”

Given the chance, what would you bring if you got cast on a reality TV show?

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