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Remember These Things When You're Feeling "Unpretty"

Ever felt like your hair isn't as glossy or your eyes aren't as pretty as the other women you know? Or have you ever had moments when you feel like no matter which makeup look you go for, you will always fall short of being "beautiful"? Don't worry. We feel you!

Our confidence can have its low moments at times, but it doesn't mean that we can't turn how we see ourselves around. So if you're feeling "unpretty", whether it's temporary or a long-standing self-belief, here are some of the things to think about to change your mind. 

You are unique in your own way

This is probably one of the most cliché things anyone could ever say, but it's true to the last letter. Even twins have their own distinct features and personalities so if you're feeling like you have nothing special to offer to the world, just being 'you' is a great way to start.

Even if you don't hear compliments, it doesn't mean that no one sees your beauty

The fact that no one has been vocal about complimenting you may have contributed to why you're feeling less than pretty. But do keep in mind that there are people who are shy about openly expressing their admiration for someone. So somebody out there is guaranteed to be envious of your eyes or your hair the same way you admire them without both of you knowing.

Thinking that you're pretty does not equate to being conceited

One of our possible fears of claiming that we are beautiful and unique is the idea of being conceited. But giving yourself some love and boosting your own confidence is different from thinking that you are high on the pedestal just because of a physical feature that stands out. Appreciating yourself is the first step in rediscovering your beauty and reminding yourself that you are indeed beautiful is never a bad thing.

There's always the "rule of attraction"

Lastly, whether or not you believe in "exuding an aura" or having "a certain vibe", how you see and carry yourself contributes a lot to how others perceive you. So to start off, build up that confidence and try to see yourself in a new light. Believe in yourself more and even come up with a morning mantra to motivate and inspire yourself to think that you are just as beautiful and just as amazing as everybody else. Trust us when we say that not long after, you'll get people coming up to you, noticing your glow.