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The first question that came to mind when I heard about FaceTox was if it is some sort of a detoxifying oral supplement for the skin. I was relieved when I learned that it's actually an organic detoxifying face mask because I love masking.

Now, I'd like to first give a preface on my skin condition, so you have a better understanding of how well the mask could work on someone with a similar skin type. I have combination skin, and my face is drier in the U-zone. I also have overzealous acne (come on, puberty. I thought I was done with you 10 years ago). Aside from that, I also have congested pores, dull complexion, excessive sebum production, and my face is almost always shiny.

With that out of the way, let's start talking more about this organic mask that has taken over the U.K. by storm.


FaceTox is made by a U.K.-based company whose primary goal is to offer organic products created using natural methods. Their products are said to be 100 per cent cruelty-free, paraben-free, organic and vegan-friendly.

FaceTox uses a blend of natural healing Aztec clay, Rhassoul clay and 100 per cent organic rosewater in its formulation, which works together to deliver the following key claims: draw out external toxins, restore skin tissue, extract and prevent blackheads, shrink pores, minimise scars, reduce skin redness, even out skin tone – at the end of the day leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

I have used FaceTox for a total of four sessions, and I can now understand how and why it took the U.K. by storm.

The Process

The set contains seven packets of "Step 1 - Mixed FaceTox Blend", seven packets of "Step 2 - Organic Rosewater", and a purple mixing bowl and spatula.

Pour the contents of the sachets into the bowl. Using the folding method, begin mixing the contents slowly and evenly until a thick, beige-colored paste is formed. The paste will not come out super smooth or creamy-dreamy, and that is okay. As long as the clay powder and rosewater are completely blended together, you are good to go.

The Scent

With the "Step 1" sachet, you will notice a faint, muddy scent that is common with clay masks. The content of the "Step 2" sachet, on the other hand, has an unmistakable scent of fresh rosewater. It is so delicate and delightful. There's no need to worry if you are not a fan of rose-scented products as the scent dissipates quickly.


Although a spatula is provided, I find that using my fingertips to apply the paste is much easier and less time-consuming. The texture of the paste is rather thick. Unlike commercial clay masks that come in tubes, its texture makes it slightly difficult to spread using the spatula. Don't get me wrong; you can still use the spatula to apply the mask. I just prefer to use my fingertips because it gives me greater control over the skin contour.


Oh, the results! The amazing, amazing results I get after just 30 minutes – well, after what seems like another five minutes of washing the mask off. I may be exaggerating about the time, but I am definitely not joking about the difficulty in removing it. However, there is a good reason why it takes some effort to wash it off: this mask is made with only three ingredients. Since it does not contain any additive, it doesn’t have a smooth, butter-like texture or easy-to-wash-off formula. Honestly, I would rather take more time to remove a mask than to have one loaded with unnecessary additives, wouldn't you?

Once you have removed the mask, you will discover that the results are nothing short of stellar. You will find your pores cleaner, complexion smoother and softer, facial redness reduced slightly, and more importantly, get this: pimples heal up so much faster. By the third session, I could already see that my blackheads and whiteheads were nicely under control.

I truly think that the FaceTox mask is a remarkable product and that everyone should have it in their skincare arsenal. Get used to spending more time washing off the product, because oh boy, you will start getting used to people complimenting you on how clean and clear your skin looks.


Learn more about FaceTox here.


If you're worried you've missed the mark to try things you've never done before because January 1 is long gone, don't fret. The Chinese New Year is just as great an opportunity to start working on the things you've been shying away from, including a change in how you look. It can be as grand as overhauling your entire wardrobe, or something as liberating as donning a new hairstyle.

How about playing with colour? Taking a cue from the Chinese's lucky color, red, is practical – but you're not taking the big plunge for something that's been done before, are you? We say, pastel is the path to take. Pastel became a phenomenon last year, and it's not surprising that the hype has been carried over this year. Not only are pastel colors nice to look at, they also complement Asian skin well, giving already beautiful faces an even more radiant glow.

Now, it's only practical that you think about the damage going for a pastel hair color can do to your hair. So it's important that you choose a product that is free from ammonia, which breaks the hair's integrity. With the L'Oréal Professionnel INOA #PastelistheNewRed Chinese New Year Collection, you can rest easy knowing that you will achieve the color of your new year without the damage. Plus, there are four super fun colours that fit different personalities to choose from.


INOA Pastel Rose

If fun is your favorite 'F' word, this hair color is just right for you. Designed for the sporty girl-next-door, the Pastel Rose shade gives off an approachable, easy-going vibe.

INOA Pastel Lavender

Created with girl bosses in mind, the Pastel Lavender shade is perfect for sophisticated go-getters who have the right mix of femininity and spunk.  

INOA Pastel Mineral

For the modern woman who is always on top of her game, the Pastel Mineral shade is for you. The greige tones of this shade scream edgy, strong and feisty.

INOA Pastel Mint

As fresh as the views of a newly discovered destination, the Pastel Mint was created for women who are free in spirit and are thirsty for adventure.


Transform your hair with the L'Oréal Professionnel #PASTEListheNewRed Chinese New Year Collection at L'Oréal Professionnel salons all over Singapore.



(Cover photo from: @dahyeshka)

If you’re Asian, chances are you have single eyelids, also known as monolids. Since the beauty industry has often been dominated by Western culture -- women and men who usually have deep set eyes or double eyelids -- it can be hard to find products or looks that would look great on your sultry peepers.

But thanks to the Internet, finding makeup looks -- from simple ones you can do everyday to full-on glam -- isn’t difficult anymore as more and more women with monolids are coming out with their own tutorials. So if you have single eyelids and need a little guidance on how to contour, shade, and line them, keep reading for our favourite makeup looks you can cop.


Soft Smokey Eye by Dasha Kim

For an easy and soft smokey eye, you don’t need to look any further because this tutorial by Dasha Kim is all you will need. And the best part is that the final look is versatile – wearable for both day and night, for whatever occasion.

Everyday Glowing Makeup by joycebean

If you’re just looking for a simple and easy way to make your beautiful eyes (and other features) pop, this glowy makeup look is the answer to every single eyelid lady's prayers. 


Winged Eyeliner by Kicki Yang Zhang

Getting the perfect winged liner is most likely the number one thing most Asian girls want achieve as it just complements monolids beautifully. Thanks to Kicki Yang Zhang's tutorial, you’ll be able to rock a winged liner in no time.

Neutral Cut Crease by Coffee & Cashmere

Lovers of a cut crease, rejoice, because this tutorial will inspire every man and woman with monolids to create their own versions of this glamorous EOTD.


Valentine’s Day Makeup by Hana Lee

With the holidays and New Year festivities over, the next occasion to look forward to is Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have a boyfriend, you can always get glammed up with this pink, romantic look that will be perfect for going out with your best single friends.


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