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Review: The Lymph Korea Kyung Rak Face Treatment

(cover photo from dollarphotoclub)

Who doesn’t love a good body massage? It helps you relax and forget about your stress! Personally, I love getting a body massage, but recently I’m getting into facial massages -- our complexions need stimulation and de-stressing too! 

I recently came across the Korea Beauty Centre, and found that this 10-year old salon in Cuppage Plaza is a hit amongst Korean and Japanese women for their “Lymph Kyung rak face treatment”.

(photo from Korea Beauty Centre)

Traditionally, a Lymph Kyung rak massage is a body massage known for its health, wellness, and beauty enhancing benefits. It stimulates vital meridian points to restore energy balance while boosting blood circulation and detoxification.

The Lymph Kyung rak face treatment, on the other hand, aims to flush out all your body’s toxins and reduce fluid retention in your face, helping to define your jawline and create that V-shaped face every woman desires. Plus, this 80-minute face, neck, and shoulder massage also reduces the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation!

So whether you want to naturally achieve that V-shaped look, or want to reduce a few lines and wrinkles, keep reading below to learn all about my Lymph Kyung rak facial massage experience!

(photo from Korea Beauty Centre)

The treatment, which costs SGD130 per session, included basic facial cleansing, a pre-massage mask, the massage, and a post-massage mask. There was nothing I didn’t love about my experience; the place was nice and cozy and I enjoyed chatting with my aesthetician.

Although it was my first time to try out this type of massage, I did see that my face was significantly less swollen and its tension was reduced after just one session! To achieve the best results, my aesthetician recommended I get this facial weekly for the first month, and once every two weeks in the subsequent months. Since a team of friendly Korean aestheticians runs the centre, you can be sure that the skincare advice you’re getting is accurate.

After all that pampering and relaxation, I can’t wait to go back for more! So, do you want to try it out for yourself? If you want to experience the Lymph Kyung-rak face treatment, book your first appointment at Vaniday today and enter this special code “CLOZETTE20” when you pay online to get $20 off!


To learn more about this facial treatment, click here to visit Korea Beauty Center or head over to 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza Singapore.