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Our Picks From The Revlon X Barbie Collab

It’s fantastic

As beauty lovers, we’re constantly updated about the latest beauty launches. While they’re all exciting, we have to admit that some catch our eye more than others — like the new Revlon X Barbie collab. This collection sends us back to our childhood days with its early noughties feel complete with a retro Barbie logo and the signature black-and-pink colour scheme. It seriously reminds us of those Barbie-themed school bags that come with a matching Barbie pencil case inside. So cute! Well, we can’t expect less from the beauty brand that brought us the colourful and instagrammable Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint.

Before the collab was unveiled, we thought we were gonna get the makeup goodies for beauty collaborations. Instead, what we got are practical yet fabulous grooming tools — which are very useful to have during these times when we’re mostly at home and may not be able to visit salons. Plus, its unique design will make a nice addition to our grooming kits. Below, our picks from the Revlon X Barbie Beauty Tools collection.

Revlon x Barbie™ Mini Tweezer Set

“I have thin brow hairs that grow without any direction, so I need to pluck my brows at least twice a month in addition to my regular brow threading,” shared Clozette Beauty Writer Alyana. “I'm eyeing the Revlon X Barbie Mini Tweezer Set (USD7.49) since it has a pointed tweezer that's perfect for getting those stubborn short hairs and a regular slant tweezer for faster brow grooming,” she said. Clozette Content Solutions Manager Abby adds that even when she’s able to visit the salon again after this quarantine period, the set is still useful for her future travels because “ it’s so tiny, compact, cute and perfect to have during vacations.”

The tweezer set with the mirror and eyelash curler.

However, don’t be fooled by the cute, miniature design, these tools are not for child’s play. Like any Revlon grooming product, these tweezers feature sharp points for professional use so if you’re living with a kid make sure that these stay out of their reach.

Revlon X Barbie™ Slant Tweezer

Aside from the two-in-one tweezer set, you also have the option to buy a full-size Revlon X Barbie™ Slant Tweezer (USD9.99). It’s not just for grooming brows and facial hair, Clozette Campaign Manager and professional makeup artist Stephanie shares that “a slant tweezer is an essential item” because it’s also great for putting on fake eyelashes.  Using a slant tweezer will lessen the chance of glue smudging or getting in your eye.

Revlon X Barbie™ Manicure Essentials Kit

These days, getting a regular mani-pedi in a nail salon can be a luxury. If you’re someone who’s not able to get one lately, don’t fret, with the right tools you can give yourself a nice manicure at home. Everything you need is in this Revlon x Barbie™ Manicure Essentials Kit — a nail clipper, a nail buffer, a nail file and a cuticle trimmer. The cherry on top is that these goodies come in a foldable case decked with a Revlon X Barbie logo for neat and stylish storing. Since stay-at-home guidelines were implemented, some of us at Team Clozette have been doing home manicures and think this set would be good to have. “I frequently do my own manicure and pedicure at home since the quarantine started so this would be useful,” said Clozette’s Head of Talent Management Gizelle. Clozette Community Manager Sabrina adds that it’s “cute yet affordable” at only USD6.49.

Clozette Campaign Manager and Features Writer Wanjing points out that it would also be good to have not just as an at-home kit but also for travelling and staycations. “It looks like a good size to bring along while travelling. People often forget to pack nail clippers, but I've had weird nail chips and cracks while travelling and it was awful because I had to be extra careful the entire trip so I don't accidentally rip the entire nail off or something,” she said.

Revlon x Barbie™ Lash Curler

Good eyelash curlers are hard to find. Some pinch, others have too much of a strong grip, and there are those that perform well but look too plain. Good thing there’s the Revlon x Barbie™ Lash Curler (USD8.49), which not only has a fabulous yellow and pink colourway but also promises to give you defined, curled lashes without pinching. The pads are even so you don’t have to worry about missing out on curling any lash hair.

As of now, the Revlon X Barbie Beauty Tools collection is already on their website but not up for grabs yet. However, you can now add it to your cart on Amazon. You can also watch out for its launch in select retailers, although it’s not specified where it would be released. But if their past collabs are any indication (like their equally fab Wonder Woman 1984 collab), then we can more or less expect to reach our shores in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

(Cover photo from: @barbie)

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