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Will You Buy From Rihanna’s Rumoured Luxury Brand With LVMH?

Another day, another venture for Queen Riri

When Rihanna was spotted wearing a mysterious pair of oversized sunglasses this week, everyone had their own speculations. Some say that it may be in connection with a new music album. While others are convinced that Rihanna will be expanding SAVAGE X FENTY to include accessories in its offerings. However, it looks like the answer may be none of the above. It turns out the multihyphenate pop star will be launching a luxury fashion brand with LVHM, the same company that owns Louis Vuitton, CELINE and Dior, according to WWD

To say that this is a milestone for both the luxury conglomerate and the multihyphenate is an understatement. LVMH, who hasn't launched a house since Christian Lacroix in 1987, will be creating a luxury brand with a female designer of colour for the first time. It's noteworthy that the collaboration came during a time when the luxury industry is facing challenges brought by the rise of fast fashion and gaining severe criticism over lack of inclusivity. Could having Rihanna, who is famed for her disruption of industry norms, onboard be the solution? All signs point to yes.

Even though Rihanna doesn't have a degree or any formal training in fashion, she has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman with a keen understanding of what people want as evidenced by the success of Fenty Beauty and SAVAGE X FENTY. More importantly, she has an established fanbase and undisputable clout. Luxury brands are finally recognising that inclusivity sells and there's no one who sells it better than Rihanna. 

If there's anything we've learned from celebrities who have delved into fashion, it's that having fame can be a good start for your brand but it's not the only thing that will keep it alive. Take for instance the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham who successfully crossed over to fashion territory and became authorities in the industry. But in doing so, they had to embrace being a fashion designer over keeping their entertainment career alive. It's not far fetched to think that Rihanna may be heading the same path. 

Establishing a luxury fashion house is not an easy endeavour. It will take time for any brand, even those that are founded by celebrities, to fully earn recognition and respect. Aside from the price point and beyond the craftsmanship, luxury lines are usually rooted in heritage and prestige — two things that can't be achieved in an instant.

But recently, new definitions of luxury that reflect the modern climate have emerged. To Stella McCartney, luxury means creating sustainable clothes. "Luxury does not mean landfill — it means forever," she says. With that in mind, we wonder what new meaning Rihanna will bring to the table.

(Cover photo from: @badgalriri)