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SASA Singapore greets the festive season with many holiday treats and discounts for treat their loyal #SASAListas. And for us who truly love our makeup and skincare picks, any chance at scoring deals and making the most out of our moolah definitely sounds good in our book. So with everything sounding ideal and your fingers probably itching to hit that 'add to cart' button, we know you ask: which brands can you snag from the platform? 

As always, we got you covered. While these may not encompass everything in their beauty library, we decided to check out the SASALista boxes that landed in our office to see if they're living up to the festive feel. It's safe to say that they did not disappoint. Christmas came early as we have skincare goodies from the Dr. G My Skin Mentor beauty box, which includes some of the brand's skincare bestsellers; fun and funky cool girl sheet masks from Kin Girls' #WhoCares line; and some faves from Gosh Cosmetics' gorgeous full face makeup set. Check out our unboxing video above for a better look at this fantastic haul.

(Cover photo from: @kingirlssingapore)


It’s that beautiful time of the year again where gifts are given and love is received amidst sparkling Christmas decorations and as surrounded by friends and family. If you're still looking for presents to give, here's an idea. Take a peek at these five amazing Malaysian indie brands to nab some inspiration for your sack of presents this festive season.

Pink & Proper

This locally grown brand has been putting out collection after collection tirelessly over the last five years and trust us, their suits are guaranteed to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Having released their signature batik collection last month, Pink & Proper stays true to their roots and pays homage to a piece of heritage that most in the region can relate to. Hop on by their site and pick out something pretty for your best girlfriend on your next beach vacation.

Breena Beauty 

With all the buzz surrounding cruelty-free beauty these days, it’s always great to learn about a new affordable brand to fuel your makeup addiction. Founded in 2014 by former beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin and her husband, the products are fun, flirty and promise not to break the bank — perfect as gifts for the women in your life.

Yoke & Theam

Shoes are a girl’s best friend, and a pair of these beauties would make a treasured gift for someone special in your life. Created in 2015, Yoke & Theam brings the ingenuity of the 21st century backed by a legacy of shoemaking spanning over 30 years. Yoke Sin and Yokie came prepared with education in graphic design, fashion and business, as well as determination and creativity to impress the Malaysian market, and have done so with smashing success.


If you’re a practical gifter, you’ll love Kozo’s concept of timelessness and constancy in the chaos of everyday life. Their structured pieces, created for both men and women, allow one to embrace the ups and downs of this journey called life while having something to hang on to that is constant and steadfast — just like that Kozo piece in your wardrobe that never goes out of style.


Indulge in these tasty treats this Christmas and — wait a minute — these aren’t candy! Wunderbath specialises in handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free bath products and cosmetics, making them suitable for any skin type. Not only are these gentle on the skin but they are also creatively shaped into unusual items such as chocolate bars, kuih bahulu, honeycombs and even rubber duckies.

(Cover photo from: @yokeandtheam and @wunderbath)

Next, plan your holiday travel essentials with these picks!



Outfits? Check. Parties booked? Check. Problematic holiday skin? No, please. The holidays are all about having fun. But since it’s a pretty busy season, it should come as no surprise that our skin is more prone to getting problems at this time of the year. With the stress that comes with planning parties, the late nights attending them and more, we’re bound to have fatigued skin. There’s no need to worry, though. With these five hacks and effective products like the ones from belif, you’ll be looking as fresh as ever during the holidays.

Do the sandwich method 

During the holidays, it’s important to keep your skin moisturised. Aside from the chilly weather, there are many factors such as long nights and drinking alcohol that can lead to our skin looking dull and dry. For this, try the sandwich method. It’s a skincare application method where you sandwich the moisture by layering your products with moisture.

There are different ways to do it, but this one’s the simplest. Start off with a gentle, moisturising cleanser like the belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist. Aside from removing impurities from the skin, it’s also packed with Vitamin C to help brighten the complexion. Plus, it also has wormwood to prevent pimples, soapberry to detox the skin, and sweet flag to cleanse and soften. But instead of patting down your face to dry, leave it still damp.

Follow it immediately with a hydrating toner like the belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner. It has a unique gel-liquid formula that hydrates and balances the skin. It’s formulated with bergamot and sage that are great for clarifying the skin and keeping moisture locked in.

While that’s still a bit damp, follow it with an essence that delivers deep, lasting hydration like the belif Hungarian Water Essence. It contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including rosemary and lavender, which are packed with antioxidants and great for hydrating the skin. The lightweight texture easily penetrates the skin, leaving it looking smooth and supple.

Do the Tanaka

It’s no secret that getting a massage rejuvenates us. Well, why not do it for our faces? If you want to relieve your face from stress — and tighten it at the same time — give the Tanaka face contouring massage a try. Start off by putting moisturiser on your skin. Choose on that gives your skin a burst of freshness and hydration like the belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb. It’s a lightweight gel-cream that contains Lady’s Mantle, which is rich in antioxidants that help fight off free radicals that make the skin look dull and old. It also helps improve skin’s elasticity and minimises pores for skin that looks supple and smooth. Start from your forehead down, but make sure the strokes are upward and outward for a lifted effect.

Drink up

You need help from the inside, too. So make sure you’re drinking enough water. Actually, make that lemon water. Because lemon contains vitamin C, it helps in the production of collagen on the skin, which then leads to your skin looking young and smooth!

Do the downward dog 

Doing any type of exercise can help your skin release toxins through sweating. But did you know that certain yoga poses can actually help in giving your skin anti-aging benefits? Doing the downward dog, a pose where bend your body in such a way that you make a triangle, is said to not only help you become more flexible but also slow down signs of aging because it stimulates the blood flow in your body.

Cool your products

There’s just something about having something cool after a long stressful day, whether it’s a cold glass of your favourite drink or a cool skincare product to touch your face. If you haven’t tried refrigerating your skincare products, start with your eye cream. The coolness will not only help in prolonging the shelf life of your product but also give you a therapeutic feeling. As far as eye creams go, we love moisturising ones like the belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb. It’s made with hydrating herb, Comfrey Leaf and Pennywort Herb that gives the skin under your eyes extra-hydration and youthful-looking glow. It also has a cooling texture that will be amplified when you refrigerate it.

Say goodbye to stressed skin with the belif Holiday Travel Kit (SGD25, worth SGD42), which contains the Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 30ml, Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner 20ml, Hungarian Water Essence 10ml, Moisturizing Eye Bomb 5ml, and Aqua Bomb 10ml.
Available at THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores and TANGS VivoCity.

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