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Say Goodbye To Double Cleansing With The Neutrogena Cleansing Oil-To-Foam

When living a fast-paced lifestyle, more often than not, your skincare routine is “your time” – a part of your day where you can decompress, not think about anything else, and just pamper your skin. But because you juggle long work hours and an active social life, your skincare products, especially your cleanser, should be efficient. It should be able to get all the dirt, oil, and pollution in your pores in quick and instant manner.

Luckily, Neutrogena has come out with the Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam. A revolutionary cleanser and makeup remover that will cut your time spent on removing makeup and cleansing your skin in half!

The popular Korean method of ‘double-cleansing’ will be a thing of the past with this smart cleanser. The oil behaves like a magnet, drawing out and dissolving waterproof makeup, dirt, and oil deep within your pores before transforming into a soft foam upon contact with water.

The Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam’s dual transformation process from a cleansing oil to a soft foam is gentle on the skin and easily rinsed off, leaving no residue or dirt behind. Its ultra mild formulation, which ensures that your skin is not stripped of its healthy oils and moisture, is gentle enough even to use on a baby’s skin! 

If you have other skin concerns too, the Cleansing Oil-to-Foam will be able to address that as it comes in 3 formulations: original, hydrating, and brightening. Complementing any lifestyle, Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam will fit your daily skincare needs perfectly by elevating a timeless method for achieving clean, makeup-free skin.


The Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam (142 ml) will retail for SGD $30.90 at Guardian, Unity Watsons, and selected Fairprice outlets in Singapore.