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Good hair days are what we all would like to have. But did you know that before we are able to achieve them, we must take care of one thing? Really good hair starts from really healthy scalp. It’s true. When you have a healthy scalp, your hair grows better! 

So how do you do it? Make sure you pick a product range that addresses the problem to the roots. With micro-surfactants, Head & Shoulders shampoos easily and effectively lift up impurities from the scalp — and it’s not just dandruff it addresses! There’s also itchiness, hair fall, flakiness, and dryness, not to mention odour. With the scalp thoroughly cleansed, you’re sure to have hair that’s 100 per cent dandruff-free and odour-free. Ready to learn more? Cleanse your scalp and keep it moisturised with the help of these.

Head & Shoulders variants

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky

Made with Magnetic Lifting Foam, this shampoo removes all traces of dandruff and scalp odour. Plus, it makes your hair smooth and silky.

Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky and Anti-Hairfall

Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall

No dandruff, no itching, no flakiness, and no hair fall? It’s possible with this shampoo that has a pH-balanced DermaSense formula that gently but effectively removes unwanted oil from your scalp and strengthens it.

Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced

Looking for a more straightforward approach to addressing scalp care? You can rely on this shampoo that gives multi-symptom relief from different signs of dandruff such as flakes, itchiness and dryness. It leaves your scalp feeling and smelling clean and fresh, too.

Head & Shoulders Clean range

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol

Amp up your cleansing routine with a hint of menthol while you lather. This shampoo gives your scalp a thorough cleanse while also giving it a boost of freshness that you can really feel.

Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh

Cleanse and invigorate your scalp — and senses — with the help of this shampoo that relieves dandruff symptoms while leaving your hair smelling of zesty lemon, tropical yuzu fruit, mint and juicy citrus.

For great hair and scalp days, find Head & Shoulders at Guardian branches and online.



Running out of ideas for how to dress this Halloween? Or do you need some hairstyle inspo for your costume? We all know that getting ready for Halloween means prep from head to toe — from the clothes to the makeup to the hair. Grab some hair ties, bobby pins and your chosen hair tools — it’s time to get crafty!

Glittered Space Buns

It’s completely out-of-this-world. Part your hair in the middle, creating two sections and leaving some tendrils to frame your face. Make two high buns and wrap a section of your hair around the base, and then secure it with an ample amount of bobby pins. Finally, spray on some glitter hair spray like the IGK Pre Party Sprinkle Hair Strobing Glitter Spray where your hair is parted and you’re done!

Mermaid Fishtail

Got some time and a lot of patience for this? Call a friend who can help you out with this intricate braid. Spritz on some heat protectant spray before blow-drying your hair to add some volume. Then arm yourself with loads of bobby pins — the 36-piece Guardian Basic Bobby Pins in Black will do — and get to braiding. Finish it with some fun elements like faux seaweed or small seashell paper cutouts for a picture-worthy 'do.

All Spooked Up Pin-Up

This takes some teasing and curling and a whole lot of arm work, but the finished product is quite amazing. With bobby pins and some strong-hold hairspray like the Percy & Reed Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray, re-do this spiky spider swirls yourself. You can achieve the slime green colour by buying hair extensions, temporary hair dye, or a wig for some added pizzazz.

Cute Devil's Horns

Ditch the plastic headbands for something more intricate. Create two ponytails at the very top of your head using thick hair ties, leaving some strands that you leave down and curl with the Dyson Airwrap Styler Smooth + Control. The hair ties will help form the shape of the horns as you wrap your hair around them. Spray some hairspray to keep it all in place and secure it with some bobby pins.

Angelic Halo

This simple half-up, half-down ‘do is perfect for an angel Halloween costume. Fittingly enough, this braid is called Angel’s braid. Comb through your hair thoroughly, untangling any knots with a big paddle brush (try the GHD Paddle Brush) before starting on the braid. Loosely curl the hair left down and insert some pearls or other accessories to add some interesting details.

(Cover photo from: @pincurledperfection)

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You’ve probably heard about the accusations skincare brand Sunday Riley received regarding the reviews of their products on Sephora. The rumours all started with a Reddit post from their former employee detailing email instructions from the company on how to post fake reviews without being detected. And now, almost exactly a year later, the cult-favourite brand has finally settled an investigation conducted by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), but the result is not exactly helping solve the issue on authenticity.

The Jury

Despite almost basically admitting in a statement that they “[encouraged] people to post positive reviews” when the whole issue blew up last year, Sunday Riley neither admitted nor denied any of the allegations in the settlement. After the FTC filed the complaint, the skincare company simply agreed not to break the law again in the future. It’s a small step in the right direction, but not everyone’s happy with the settled outcome. After all, they weren’t given any form of punishment nor were they sanctioned to give their consumers refunds. For two of FTC’s commissioners, the settlement won’t really “deter other would-be wrongdoers” and therefore does not solve the growing problem.

On the fake and the authentic

For some companies, an increase in ratings directly impacts their sales. So such an act can hurt honest businesses, and worse, even encourage them to do the same. But more than that, fake reviews cheat us consumers of our hard-earned money. According to Pew Research Center, in 2016, “half of adults under 50 routinely check online reviews before buying new items.” For #TeamClozette’s Evon Toh, reading through reviews is a must-do, especially when she’s buying products for the first time. So imagine if a product has garnered tons of positive but made-up reviews — that’s fooling someone to buy something that may not be what’s really best for their needs. 

Dealing with care

This sort of fake allegation isn’t new in the beauty industry. Rumours of fake accounts, fake followers, and fake reviews have been rampant especially in the age of social media and the internet. So it’s understandable that we’ve all grown to have trust issues when it comes to these sorts of things. 

Sunday Riley settles agains FTC's accusing them of posting fake reviews

A few ladies of #TeamClozette has offered their views on the issue. For Jamie Lee, it has become an accepted fact that all these reviews we see online won’t be 100 per cent real. According to her, “We have to listen, digest, and try out for ourselves” whether the product is worth it or not. If you spot a number of reviews that have similarity in wording, it might be best to hold off your decision on buying. Abby Gabriel says it’s a must to read through a lot of reviews. Aside from checking official sites, watch vlogs and read blogs before you decide. Granted, it’s quite difficult to discern what’s real from not, so Dhivya Latha says to follow reviews that show before and after photos for proof.

While there’s a lack of trustworthy action on the part of companies and organisations that govern over them, we consumers are left to our own devices when it comes to purchasing beauty products we can trust. Research is always key, and don’t just settle for one source before choosing once and for all.