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We've done a lot of get the look and steal her style stories here on INSIDER but nothing beats having actual celebs offering to give you their clothes for free. Yes, you read that right — FREE! We're talking about Selena Gomez going to her Instagram Stories last weekend asking fans to slide into her DMs if they want the outfit she wore in her Back To You music video. 

reposted from @selenagomez's Instagram stories

Gomez said that the Prada dress, which has green faux fur trimmings and intricate iridescent bead detailing, has no place in her wardrobe anymore and so she has decided to send it to anyone who might be interested.  Now, practically speaking, the piece is not exactly a top candidate for a casual look, but it certainly is a collector's item for any Selenator out there.

But as it isn't an actual giveaway contest, it is still unclear as to who 'won' the dress or if there were any specific requirements for you to be chosen as the winner. Still, some fans claimed that while Selena was probably looking for an interested party in her DMs, some who simply sent messages to express their love for the singer-actress-producer also got a reply, which is a rare case of interaction for many celebrities. Talk about an ecstatic day for her fanbase!

So while we are crossing our fingers for Selena to do this again (maybe her yellow dress in Fetish, next?), let's dive into our favourite celebs' and influencers' Instagrams for a roundup of pieces we wish to snag from their wardrobes. 

Blake Lively's polka-dotted Zimmerman maxi dress

Like an upgraded and glammed up version of a polka-dot pin-up dress, this gorgeous piece donned by Blake Lively for one of her A Simple Favour press tours certainly fueled our envy. Elegance and playfulness combined, all we can think of is 'Will this go up for auction soon?'

Heart Evangelista's blue and white PFW dress

Dubbed as one of the It personalities living the true Crazy Rich Asians lifestyle, Heart Evangelista served us major style inspiration during her attendance at Paris Fashion Week's S/S run during the first half of the year. But if we're going to pick a piece that we covet the most from her many stunning ensembles, we'd have to go for this blue and white Mark Bumgarner A-line dress.  From the classy silhouette to the whimsical colour and design palette chosen for the piece, we definitely have a Pinterest board dedicated to this inspired look!

Park Shin Hye's cosy white pullover

Sure, being chic is everything, but there are days when we just want to chill and stay comfy. The question is, how can PSH manage to be all of those things all the time? Could the secret lie in her line art pullover? We doubt it, but the piece definitely caught our eye for looking like it can be perfect for both street style or just relaxing and hanging out with your mates over a chill weekend. If Park Shin Hye's trimming her closet and marks this for dispatch, can we get first dibs?

Drea Chong's utilitarian ensemble

The fashion influencer hailing from Singapore served us major style notes with this Rag & Bone jumpsuit she donned during her recent trip to New York. The retro vibes of her eyepiece and the '80s-inspired belt bag gave an unexpectedly great visual impact in contrast to her army green outfit. If given a chance to raid Chong's closet, you know we have these pieces on our list!

Lili Reinhart's high-waisted hot red trousers

Hot red pieces are very intimidating and often reserved more for a lipstick shade than a fashion piece, but the 21-year-old Riverdale star showed us that shouldn't be the case. Mixing the Elisabetta Franchi high-waist belted trousers with a sleeveless turtleneck top and black pumps, Reinhart makes us want to go bold and crazy with the colour red, stat! If she pulls a Selena Gomez and gives this off casually via IG stories, you know we'll be on standby.

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Olive sweetheart

A woman wearing a blue off-shoulder dress

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Slit & blushed

Woman wearing an off-shoulder slit gown

(Photo from: denicetiu)



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