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Get To Know Selena Gomez's Upcoming Rare Beauty Brand

Embrace your uniqueness

Next to join our ever-growing list of celebrities venturing into beauty is Selena Gomez. Unlike Rihanna who has now begun to dabble with skincare with her newly-launched Fenty Skin, the American singer will be focusing on makeup. Named Rare Beauty, her upcoming brand was first revealed last February. Despite their preparations being plagued by some postponements due to the pandemic, we're glad to say that it seems to all be smooth-sailing for the most part, with its North American launch officially happening this 3 September and its global release the next year. And ahead, we note down all the good and exciting things to come with Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty.

Lots of new makeup to enjoy

And we really mean a lot. A highlight to look forward to is that Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty will be introducing 48 new shades of foundation and concealer when it launches next month. Just with that, we can already see how beauty brands of the future are becoming more and more inclusive. Besides that, it appears that Rare Beauty will also eventually drop a complete line with all your basic must-haves. In the past months, the star, through Rare Beauty's IG page, gave us a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes of her latest music video, Boyfriend. Through these, she teased us with some of her brand's upcoming products like lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows that all look spectacularly vivid.

Self-love and acceptance

The former Disney actress created Rare Beauty in hopes of breaking down beauty standards that aim for unrealistic perfection. In a candid chat with Amy Schumer, she said, "It’s not necessarily about needing these things to make yourself feel beautiful." With that, she puts everyone first. She continued, "It's all very clean and easy. I wanted people to feel safe." We see that their goal is really more about showing how you can have fun with makeup without compromising your comfort and hiding what makes you who you are. 

Given all that, Rare Beauty wants to amplify the voices of real people in their campaigns. To connect more with everyone, they've actually held a live community meetup and are expected to hold more in time. This way, they're more closely in touch with the inspiring stories people have to share.

Safer spaces for all

Right from its conception, Selena has been clear that Rare Beauty is going to be more than just a makeup brand. Staying true to her advocacy for mental health, she also plans to use the brand to spread awareness on mental illnesses, thus, sparking the creation of the Rare Impact Fund. Through this initiative, she pledges to use one per cent of their annual sales, hoping to raise USD100 million in 10 years to help make mental health services more accessible around the world, especially for underserved communities. To make it more impactful, they've also formed a Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, with expert mental health advisors from various universities and organisations to help guide their efforts.

Honestly, we're just wishing we could skip to 2021 right this instant so we could finally try Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty products and support their advocacies. But for now, let's all stay tuned for incoming updates. Who knows? There might be a surprise waiting for us along the way.

(Cover photo from: @rarebeauty)

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