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6 Small But Effective Ways To Take Care Of Yourself This Year

Self-care is the best care

We get so wrapped up in our lives and the lives of people around us that we often forget that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. Be a little more conscious of your own needs this year and embrace the joys of self-care to keep the good energy flowing.

Spoil yourself 

Whether it’s a sweet treat after a hard day’s work or a dedicated skincare routine to keep up appearances, putting yourself first and feeling good is the first step to spreading all kinds of good vibes. Self-investment is always worthwhile as you’ll see improvements in personal satisfaction, appearance and happiness.

Increase hydration

Our mothers always told us to drink more water as children but did we always listen? Maybe not. As adults, sufficient hydration is even more important due to climate change, pollution, and stress that can adversely affect your health in many ways. Load up on that H2O to set yourself up for consistent detox, better skin, and a sunnier disposition.

Mini workout

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Exercise is known to give you some major happy hormones and a five-minute workout every day is better than five minutes scrolling through social media. Pick up some home workout tips and use whatever is at your disposal or get yourself on an app that can help you reset your body and up your fitness game for 2019.

Indulge in some fiction

Diving into a made-up world can seem a little childish but it can also take you away from whatever is stressing you out at the moment and spark the creative juices in your right brain. You might just find yourself wanting to escape into a faraway land, even for a little while, once you’re hooked on a good book.

Eat in peace 

Some people find it difficult to eat alone but we think that it’s healthy to have some alone time with food. You’ll get the chance to savour the meal and really think about what you’re putting into your body without the pressures of keeping up a conversation during the meal.

Get more sleep

Sleep is one of those things we always talk about not getting enough of, but do we really need to be scrolling Instagram feeds at 2AM? Set yourself a sleep timer and strive for eight hours of sleep every night. Your physical and mental well-being will thank you for it.

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