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Self-Motivating Tips To Get Your Fitness Routine Back On Track

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We all have our fair share of excuses when it comes to copping out from things that we don't like doing. And one of the things that often gets victimised by this idea is our fitness routine. Sure, we can blame it on our busy schedules or the countless factors that we can point our fingers at, but have we ever stopped and wondered what the consequences will be? 

We may be more than halfway along the year but it doesn't mean we have to save this one up again for next year's resolution list. It's never too late to set your fitness routine on check! So if you have your mind set on procrastinating no more, here are self-motivating tips to get you back into shape!


Get ready to commit

One of the reasons why we often choose to set things aside for later is because we don't have a clear goal in mind. And with tons of things happening to us daily, we understand the struggle. But keeping a personal timetable doesn't have to be complicated-- it all falls down to our strong desire to achieve whatever it is that we are heading towards. 

Once you get the fuel burning, the commitment to the cause comes in naturally. So make sure that if you want to start getting fit and healthy for the better, it's something you really want for yourself to the point that you're willing to put time and effort into getting it. 

Make your body clock work to your advantage

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We’ve all been guilty of sleeping in once in a while. And this is perfectly fine especially if you’ve spent the night working on crazy deadlines. But making it a habit to the point that you completely skip on breakfast really takes a toll on your fitness routine more than you think. Getting used to waking up late messes up your body’s metabolism, making it hard to digest food. Instead of your body storing the nutrients from the food into energy, it ends up as unwanted fat that’s really hard to shed off.

Conditioning your body to wake up before 11:00 AM is possible. If you've gotten so used to waking up in the afternoon, make sure you set your alarm or have someone wake you up one hour earlier than your usual wake up time to ease your body into the change. This way, it wouldn't feel forced and the gradual change will make it easier for your body to adjust. Eventually, your body clock will return to its normal state and this can help you work around your diet.

Get hydrated

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One of the reasons why we usually take water for granted is because it's too bland for our tastebuds. But instead of reaching out for that flavoured energy drink or workout smoothie, think again! Whether you're going for an easy 7-minute workout or a full-on fitness plan, water not only replenishes your body but also helps in getting rid of the toxins you're trying to flush out. 

Giving your body too much sugar right after you drained your energy seems reasonable, but in reality, it's like refueling your body once more without giving it time to rest. So even if you're feeling recharged on the outside, make sure you keep hydrated to give your body enough time to recover. Remember that there's no crash course in getting fit so it's okay to take things slow. 

Take things in moderation

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After weeks and weeks of working out, cheat days are totally acceptable as long as you follow this rule: take everything in moderation. 

There are people who go to lengths to achieve their dream bod to the point that they starve themselves or result to chemicals that may harm them in the long run. Your body also needs to have its share of protein and sugar to keep it balanced so there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a burger or your favourite ice cream every once in a while. Just make sure that you don't go overboard and result to binge eating so that the effort you put into those strenuous fitness exercises won't go to waste.  


Any other self-motivating tips to get your fitness routine back on track? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!