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Whether you’ve read it on countless blogs or heard a friend rave about it after a trip to Japan, there’s no denying that Senka Perfect Whip is a winner in many beauty enthusiast’s books. The good news is you no longer have to live vicariously through others because Japan’s number 1 facial cleanser — for 10 consecutive years — is now in the Philippines!

Senka Perfect Whip in the Philippines

One thing that many people know and love about this cleanser is its rich, dense white foam that’s so light and soothing on the skin. But did you know that aside from how it feels, the foam actually gently lifts up impurities from your skin without stripping off its natural moisture? The result? Beautiful bare skin you’ll be confident to face new challenges with.

Senka Perfect Whip is known for its foam.

Senka Perfect Whip 120g, PHP279~USD5.40; 50g, PHP129/~USD2.50

Following the ideal of nomitsu — Japanese for short, but rich intensive care — Senka offers products that provide multiple benefits. Plus, it’s not just skincare they’re after but also self-care, which is why their products are designed to soothe and calm you — perfect for long days after school or work when you just want to get rid of the remnants of the day on your skin. Expect to feel relaxed and renewed after you lather on and rinse the foamy goodness of the Perfect Whip.

Senka Perfect White Clay with Senka Perfect Whip

Made with naturally derived silk essence that protects the skin and leaves it feeling soft, double hyaluronic acid that moisturises and softens the skin, and now with Shiseido’s unique Aqua-in-Pool ingredient that protects and strengthens the skin against damage, this cleanser is just what you need for a multi-beneficial first step to your skincare routine.

Partner your Senka Perfect Whip daily cleanser with Senka Perfect White Clay for deep pore cleansing that effectively removes dead skin cells and dirt. As an alternative to your facial scrubs, use this twice or thrice a week to make your skin looking extra fresh and radiant.

Senka Perfect Whip is now available at Watson’s Personal Care stores and The SM stores near you. Also, it is available online on Lazada - SENKA Flagship Store. For the latest updates and deals, follow Senka Philippines on Facebook and @senka.philippines on Instagram.


Primers are the unsung heroes of the beauty world. With just one simple step, these underrated makeup products help skin become silky and matte so foundations can smoothly glide on. There's really no other way to go about it — building a beautiful makeup look requires a great base. And that's why we're always on the hunt for the best base in the market. Read on to see our picks for new primers that are most tempting to try out.

Your Skin But Better Makeup Primer+


When it comes to natural skin-like makeup looks, IT Cosmetics has the right idea. Their range of products not only create an amazing base but is also infused with great ingredients that can protect the skin. The new Your Skin But Better Makeup Primer+ is formulated to be a makeup magnet with an all-day grip technology that acts as a pore refiner and hydrator as well.

Sui Black Primer Water


Anna Sui’s Sui Black Primer Water is as pretty to look at as it is effective on the skin. This primer serves as both lotion and makeup base, thanks to the large volume of Moist Watery Polymer as well as Pore Cover Powder that creates a layer of moisture that can help maintain the skin's suppleness, conceals pores and smooths out bumpy skin at the same time.

Luminature Glow Cream


A lovely peony-scented product that promises to take care of your skin's tone, texture and radiance while providing a luminous hydrated base is definitely not one to miss. Sulwhasoo’s Luminature Glow Cream is formulated with skullcap root extract, honeysuckle extract and apricot kernel oil into a unique creme brulee texture that can give you an enviable glow when used regularly.

Pro Filt'r Mattifying Primer


The world went wild when Fenty Beauty announced the launch of the much-anticipated Pro Filt’r Primer series. Made with a unique blend of agave extract and blurring powders, this primer is said to melt into the skin leaving behind nothing but an airbrushed canvas; the ultimate clean slate.

Illuminating Foundation Primer


Paul & Joe Beaute’s Illuminating Foundation Primer is specially created for Asian skin tones. Its lavender pearls can effectively correct uneven tones — giving you a rosy, fresh glow. This component also reflects light to add glow to your skin and give the impression of a sculpted look to one's features.

(Cover photo from: @itcosmetics)

Love primers? Check out our review on the Boscia Mattifying Treatment Primer.



Clozetters know that brows truly frame the face. Learning how to do your brows is a skill learned from trial and error, so it’s always a great idea to consult a brow expert for some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to your brows. We hopped aboard the Benefit Cosmetics Singapore's #BenefitCruisinStyle to learn how to achieve brows on fleek with their newest product, the Brow Styler, and catch up with the brand's National Brow Artist Rochelle Paz.

The Benefit Brow Styler

Launch Party Activities

Painting with chalk and filling in our brows with the Brow Styler during the launch party.

The three-day cruise, which happened last 9 to 11 October 2019, began with a Chinese dinner. After dinner, we headed off to Benefit's Biggest Launch Party of the Year! The room was divided into three activity areas relating to the product, which is a two-in-one wax pencil and powder duo. It has a waterproof formula that boasts 18-hour wear and comes in eight shades. 

To get to know the product better, we tried painting on canvas using chalk as a medium, showing how the loose filling powder in the Brow Styler helps fill in the gaps in your brows. We were also given pictures of ourselves, which we had to fill in using the new Benefit Brow Styler. Finally, we got to show off and have souvenirs of our Benefit-approved brows at the Photobooth.

Games Day Activities

A day filled with fun activities like mini-golf and ziplining!

The second day was Games Day filled with mini-golfing, zip-lining, and Ping-Pong. To cap off the evening, we had a #FriendsWithBenefit dinner. After the delicious meal, a few of us were given the opportunity to talk with Rochelle, one-on-one. Read on to find out top tricks when it comes to doing your brows. 

In the age of Insta-brows and K-beauty, what is a major brow mistake that people still do today?

"Drawing super blocky brows at the start of their brows, you know that square-ish kind? They also apply too much product when they start filling in their brows. Just to make it look balanced, they draw a straight line at the front of the brows and then they draw them too close to each other. People do this because they think drawing brows close to each other creates a slimmer-looking nose. But it's actually a misconception. You can still do it, but they need to be faded out and not look blocky."

How do you find the perfect shade of brow product for your brows? Do you match it to your eyebrow hairs to blend in, or your coloured hair, or your skin tone?

"Actually, all of those. For somebody with light-coloured hair, I base it on their brow hair colour and at the same time their skin tone. They’re already being so adventurous with their hair colour so I’d just to give them a more natural look to complement their complexion and the hair at the top of their head. I would base it on their original brow hair colour.

For myself, I have light-coloured hair but my brows are pretty dark. So if I’m going to apply a lighter colour brow shade with my black hair, it doesn’t look very nice. There’s a contrast and you can really see the sparse spots even more. That’s why I’m using a shade darker than my hair; in Benefit colours, I use shade 6."

The Brow Styler and Interview with Rochelle

The Brow Styler in action, as shown by Singapore's National Brow Artist, Rochelle Paz.

From straight brows to perfect arches, how do you determine the 'right' brow shape for a Benebabe?

"You can get the right brow shape based on one's original brow shade and then their face shape... It's a case-by-case basis. Say, we have a square face shape, if we’re going to have super straight brows, of course they won't look that good. So we could put a little bit of arch. It’s really more of customisation."

Pomade vs. pencil vs. powder which is better for Southeast Asia's weather?

"For Singapore's weather, I would go for pomade and pencil as long as the staying power is there. [Use a product with] at least 12-hour wear. It should also be waterproof. For us [in Benefit], most of our products are waterproof and very long-wearing. Priming your brows first also helps, because it will make brow product to stay on longer."

How would you rank eyebrow products?

"Pomade would be first because it's more pigmented. Next would be the pencil and then the powder."

Aside from brows, what makeup/skincare step is your favourite thing to do when getting ready for your day?

"I like applying serum because my skin is dehydrated. The serum tends to get absorbed by your skin faster."

The Benefit Brow Styler is now available in Sephora stores,, and Benefit boutiques islandwide.