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Seoul Fashion Week Street Style Photos To Inspire Your Everyday Look

Make the streets your runway

Fashion has never been more alive in South Korea, especially with the Spring/Summer 2020 Seoul Fashion Week happening in their capital right now. Given that, it’s best you keep your eyes peeled for the latest K-Style trends that will surely come about in the coming days. And while the pieces that hit their runways are all surely worth looking forward to, the styles that slay the streets are also something you shouldn’t miss. To inspire your everyday look, here are just some of the most striking Seoul Fashion Week street style photos you should check out.

Simply Chic

If anything, this sophisticated look just proves that you can never go wrong with a dress-and-outerwear combo. Though incredibly simple, this ensemble always makes for a chic outfit no matter the season. Invest in a maxi dress that has a striking print — plus points if it’s voluminous so it gives you extra feminine charm. Pair it with plain-coloured outerwear and high-heeled boots for a timelessly elegant look.

Eye-catching glam

Most of Seoul Fashion Week street style is minimalist. You'll find countless monochrome-outfit-wearing style mavens out on the streets during this week. But those who stand out from the crowd do so by adding a bit of glam to their look. Take notes from them and amp up your look with eye-catching accessories like a statement sunnies that falls within your colour scheme, a bedazzled bag, and jewellery that shines like no other.

Bright maximalist

Of course, there are still those who love to play with colours and prints. If that's your thing, dive into it with neon colours that are sure to pop. Mix it with pieces of various prints and textures, but make sure they all still fall within your colour scheme to match. Unlike when wearing a minimalist ensemble, you can balance your maximalist outfit with more muted accessories.

Fun with textures

Not into bright looks? Opt to dress from head to toe in one light tone instead. When you wear muted colours, your look doesn’t necessarily have to be plain and boring. What you can do is to layer similarly coloured pieces with different prints and textures. And, to add contrast, choose a bag that’s from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Mixing genres

Who says your pieces all have to give off the same vibe? Have fun by mixing and matching clothes that you wouldn’t think of pairing with one another at first glance. Pair a sleek, smart blazer with a pair of hip baggy cargoes that scream ‘90s athleisure. Playing around will help you achieve a style that’s wholly different from what you had before.


Another thing that's noticeable about this year's Seoul Fashion Week street style is this retro trend making a comeback. Though once considered a fashion faux pas you’d want to avoid, the logomania trend gradually bounced back to its high-fashion status in recent years. So go on, and wear your brands with pride. Wear an outerwear dotted with their logo over simple and monochrome pieces to make your ensemble pop.

Preppy chic

Want to wear preppy clothes without looking too much of a cute schoolgirl? Try on a puffy-sleeved collared blouse in one size bigger for a quirky vintage vibe. You can pair it with a matching ruffled skirt, but keep it all from becoming too childish with a sleek pair of high-heeled boots.

(Cover photo from: @huynhtienofficial)

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