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Oracle Reading: Let September Bring Out A New You

A new adventure awaits

Navigate through your hectic work and personal lives with a little guidance from the stars. Reflect and be on top of your goals with the help of Flavia Lee's oracle readings.

We've got only a few more months to go until we wrap this year. If you need a little inspiration to fulfil your remaining goals for 2019, here's a little cosmic guidance courtesy of Flavia Lee from FullMoonary. Like tarot, oracle reading is a directive tool that helps you find the confirmation you are seeking to realise what's within you. It shows you your current situation, your life path, and suggests what step to take next. Ahead, your oracle reading for September.

September 2019 Oracle Reading

Since June 2019, we've been through an intense period. The good news is these challenging times will eventually lead us to a totally new chapter and lifestyle. This journey can be likened to a butterfly's life cycle. At first, they hide, retreat and then eventually transform into a totally different yet beautiful shape.

September is a new month to start something interesting. If you've been having thoughts about starting a new project for some time now, this month is the perfect time to begin the groundwork for it. Take a moment to lay down your plans and take action. You will regret not following your heart.

September 2019 Oracle Reading

This is the time to strike. Don't wait and reject yourself because you feel like you are not worthy to pursue your passions. But no, you are a diamond! Go for your dreams, make plans and make things happen.

September is also a great month to get your social life going. Set reunions with old acquaintances and be open to meeting new people. It may have been a while since you laughed hard, but this month, there's no reason to keep your head down. Keep yourself in good shape, focus on your dreams, and happiness will come.

September 2019 Oracle Reading

Listen: when you are happy, love will find you. Don't be too concerned about what kind of love would come because love comes in different forms — like a gift, a smile, a hug, a promotion, a coffee treat, a new friend who makes you feel great and so on. But here's what you can expect about what's to come: if you're looking for love — in whatever form you wish — this love is on its way. 

Sweep away the specks of dust from yesterday and face tomorrow bravely. Be prepared for a new journey and the beautiful things to come! Be in love with yourself, and all other things will follow. And remember to always share love and kindness with others.

Flavia Lee, through FullMoonary, is on a mission to bring guidance to people. Through various oracle readings and guided meditations, she helps them understand their inner selves and reconnect more with them. Connect with her via Instagram or Facebook, or through FullMoonary’s website.