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6 Types Of Material Your Sheet Masks Are Made Of

Mask away, ladies

As major believers in treating yourself well, we’ve dug a little deeper into sheet masks — these veritable mini facials — to discover what exactly makes them so great. We know about the benefits of different types of serums and the long-term effects they have on your skin, but have you ever considered the different types of material used? Read on to find out more and identify your favourite kind.


The most common sheet mask out there, this type of mask is one we encounter in our earliest forays into skincare. Also referred to as cotton sheet masks, they are usually more affordable, and soaked in a potent mix of botanical ingredients and vitamins to aid various skin conditions, with enough leftover to apply on other areas such as the neck, décolletage and elbows.


These masks are actually made of their skin-loving ingredients, instead of a separate sheet drenched in serum. It allows your skin to lock in moisture better as they are thicker and heavier than microfiber masks. You always know when you’re done with these masks as they become drier when your skin is done absorbing all the good stuff.


Did you know that biocellulose sheets are made of good bacteria? They're four times stronger than plant-based cellulose, attracting and retaining fluid in great capacity, which means they perform better than microfiber masks and don’t allow the ingredients to evaporate as quickly, totally ideal for your skin in this tropical weather.


If you hate the way regular sheet masks dry up even before your skin has soaked up the benefits, foil masks are the answer for you. These masks were created to keep your mask as moist as when it was first removed from the packet for the entire duration of your masking session, wasting nothing.


Black masks are definitely a little out of place in the world of sheet masks, but charcoal is a well-known active ingredient for drawing out impurities and detoxing the skin. Put on one of these masks to reduce inflammation and experience some pore-tightening magic.


Sounding more like a weekend project than a skincare product, knit masks are actually made of 100% pure knitted cotton that extends to the neck to maintain the youthfulness of your entire facade. The masks are naturally heavier and guarantees that your skin retains moisture faster.

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