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Our Top J-Beauty Picks For The Beauty-Obsessed In Your Life

Get them all at Welcia-BHG

Those who are beauty-obsessed can be hard to give presents to just because they know everything that’s new and always on-the-nose about ingredients and effective products. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to give them something they’d appreciate. Ahead, we share our top beauty picks from Welcia-BHG to give beauty fanatics in your life.

Welcia-BHG Storefront

Welcia-BHG is a Japanese drugstore that brings bestsellers and cult-favourite Japanese beauty and healthcare products to Singapore's sunny shores. They've just opened their new stores at Orchard MRT and Raffles City — swing by when you're out! But right now, read on to find out how you can receive free gifts worth up to SGD88 or a chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro or iPad from shopping.

Start with the basics 

We know, it’s the holidays, and you’re surely thinking about going all out. But going basic is a tried-and-true route too. SENKA products have you covered with their range of cleansers, lotions and moisturisers to help you achieve that clear, beautiful bare skin. 

Senka products

The cult-favourite Perfect Whip Cleanser has been Japan’s No. 1 Facial Foam Cleanser for 11 consecutive years. It's a great pick as your routine’s first step. This dense (but gentle) foam cleanser, made with Aqua-in-pool, silk cocoon essence and double hyaluronic acid compound that cleanses the skin deeply and helps to keep it moisturised.

Another good pick is the Deep Moist Gel Cream, a watery gel moisturiser that locks in hydration and moisture into the skin like a mask. Its lightweight and non-sticky texture is definitely suitable for Singapore’s humid weather. It’s also alcohol-, fragrance- and colourant-free. So, you don’t need to worry if your friend has sensitive skin.

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Sun protection is a must

It’s not just health issues we continue to fight, the sun is still one of our main enemies — when it comes to our skin, of course. The harsh UV rays from the sun are one of the major culprits behind the signs of skin ageing such as dark spots, fine lines and dryness — not to mention painful sunburn if you’re out for too long. So give your beauty-obsessed loved one the gift of protection.

Anessa products

Take a pick from Anessa’s sunscreen range that provides strong UV protection that keeps your skin safe from the sun's harmful UV rays yet are ultra-lightweight on your skin. The cult-favourite Anessa Perfect UV Milk is enhanced with the world's first Triple Defense Technology for greater UV protection when it comes in contact with water, sweat and heat — yes, you read that right. That's not all: Anessa sunscreens also contain 50% skincare ingredients for bright, ageless skin.

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Specially for sensitive

dProgram products

If you have beauty-obsessed people in your life who also have sensitive skin, look no further than Japan’s number 1 sensitive skincare brand, d Program. For those who have combination skin — on top of being sensitive — the Balance Care line is perfect because the products from the range are specially formulated to help their skin’s dryness and oiliness get soothed, restored and balanced. The products also help prevent clogged pores and acne.

Promo: From their skin-defending range to their cult-favourite lotions and emulsions, you can get them all at up to 25% OFF.

Bundle deal: Get two d Program Essences from the Cleansing Range for SGD45 (Save 25%)

Hair them out

Tsubaki products

We know it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a present but hair us out: hair products make great gifts. The new TSUBAKI Premium range features the Innovative Permeation technology that helps to widen and repair the hair’s Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) for beauty ingredients to be absorbed effectively. Then, it seals and locks in the nutrients within the hair core. Achieving salon-quality hair at home with no waiting time (which means you can rinse it off immediately without the need to wait) is now possible. Gift the brand's fan-favourite — @cosme No. 1 award-winning — Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask to your favourite friend and let them find out why there are countless rave reviews on how great it is for the hair.

Promo: Enjoy products from the Tsubaki range at 25% OFF

Bundle deal: Get two cans of Tsubaki Dry Shampoo for SGD15 (Save 30%)

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to share the gift of deep moisture for your hair and scalp, you’ll find that Ma Chérie’s buy one get one promo is perfect for this. Their silicone-free shampoos contain the repairing, moisturising and shine-enhancing ingredient, Rich Pearl Honey Jelly DX. They work wonders in making your locks soft and smell great with their long-lasting sweet floral and fruits scent. 

Fino Hair treatment

If your beauty-loving loved one’s into deep hair treatments, the Fino Premium Touch, the number one hair care product @cosme Japan, is just what they need. Formulated with six beauty ingredients that penetrate deeply into the hair layers, this nourishing rinse-off hair treatment — available at 10% off — will bring anyone’s damaged hair back to life.

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Take advantage of more deals

On top of the range promotions mentioned above, here are more reasons why you should shop at Welcia-BHG this December!

Welcia-BHG prizes

Aside from checking off all on your to-gift list, you also have a chance to be gifted too. When you spend SGD40 on products from Anessa, d Program, SENKA, Tsubaki, Ma Chérie and Fino in-store or at Welcia-BHG Shopee, you get a facial roller worth SGD39. Spending SGD80 will score you a beauty storage box worth SGD49 and a facial roller.

One-day special

When you visit Welcia-BHG stores on 5 December, you also get a free gift worth more than SGD13 when you purchase any Anessa, d Program, SENKA, Tsubaki, Ma Chérie or Fino product worth SGD20 — that’s on top of your free gift when you spend SGD40 or SGD80 and above! Make sure to visit on the said date because it’s for just one day and only while stocks last.

Shopee Online-Exclusive Top Spender & Weekly Flash Deals

If you prefer to shop online, you can check Welcia-BHG on Shopee. Be the top spender during the period of 27 November to 25 December and stand a chance to win an Apple iPhone 12 Pro (worth SGD1,819) or an Apple iPad (worth SGD649), with a minimum of SGD150 spend to qualify.

Also, there are weekly flash deals for participating brands with up to 55% off discount! There are coupons when you shop at Welcia-BHG’s Shopee store as well. Get SGD6 off for a minimum spend of SGD50 and SGD15 off when you spend at least SGD80.

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones — or even for yourself — at Welcia-BHG.