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This 9 to 15 September, the world is celebrating Suicide Prevention Week, which reminds us to be more observant, vigilant and a shade kinder to our loved ones, acquaintances, strangers and even our own selves. It's a time to remember that there are people who have stories and struggles that are not so easily seen by the naked eye. This week is meant to be a celebration of life and how it has so much more meaning no matter how dark and desperate things may seem; it is a reminder that mental health does matter. 

But it's not only during this week that we should give light and hope to people's lives. Here are small acts of kindness anyone can do anywhere, anytime that can contribute to saving a life. 

Check up on someone

Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are often undetectable. Sometimes, those who suffer from it have either gotten so good at hiding their struggles or have been manifesting signs and yet no one even notices.

Sometimes, it's easy to not show concern even though we truly mean to because it may come off as intrusive and imposing. But even then, we all must find the courage to ask someone if they're okay whether they look weak or strong in the sincerest way we can. We have an innate fear of being vulnerable, and so wearing your heart on your sleeve is not the easiest thing to do. But whether someone answers it truthfully or not is out of the question, it's in knowing that someone is watching and that someone cares. 

A sad woman on her bed

Questions over criticisms

It takes a lot of guts for someone to open up about their struggles, especially when it comes to their mental health. It's an experience that envelops a whole person's being and is not something that can easily be described in simple adjectives. And while it is human nature to criticise things we don't understand, we must swap out our tendency to judge with our natural curiosity. Sometimes, having someone listen openly to one's exposed vulnerabilities can significantly help. It is not a matter of giving them answers or solutions because usually they already know it themselves, all they need is an ally who will want them to keep sharing their story. 

Give someone a compliment

Think. When was the last time you paid someone a compliment? It's a cliché example that we often see in movies or books. But have you tried doing it in real life? Maybe we should, and often. Pat someone on the back when they do a good job, tell a co-worker that her lipstick shade choice is pretty, smile and greet the staff who serves you lunch every day. These are the things that seem mundane, that we often overlook, but they truly are important. They help us look at the small things and find joy in them.

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Engage someone in a conversation about something they love

We all have roles, passions and even dreams that are often drowned by our duties and responsibilities. We have the tendency to judge someone based on one facet of their lives that we see, whether they are a classmate, a co-worker or someone we often interact with but don't really talk to. So if an opportunity presents itself, try to ask someone about their day, ask questions about their hobbies or inquire about the photo of their pet displayed on their work desk. Aside from learning something new about this person, the way their eyes will sparkle and their lips will break into a smile when asked about things that they love will surely be a treat to see. 

A brown leather couch

Encourage someone to get professional help

It can be a heavy burden when someone asks you to keep the secret of their struggles. But there is a difference between betraying their trust and knowing when it is time to seek help. Encourage them to get professional help. In case they're willing but are not ready to seek help themselves, reach out to someone on their behalf when you know that things are getting out of hand. There is only so much a good heart can do to help ease situations like these, but seeking the assistance and interference of professionals can make all the difference. 

If you are or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, call these suicide hotlines: 1800-221 4444 (Singapore), +2 804-HOPE (4673) (Philippines) or 603-79571306 (Malaysia).



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