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We're down to the last two months of the year, which means there's so much hustlin' before we get down to chill for the holidays. And for most of us, work overload means stressful days ahead. So to avoid going into a spiral of fatigue before the festive season starts, here are some ways to ease your stress in between your busy schedule. 

Take a walk

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Technology, without a doubt, is taking over much of our lives. And this makes anyone reachable no matter where they are and no matter what time it is. This is what makes it hard to log off from our stressors and just detach ourselves from whatever it is that works up our brains. So one practical solution to cleanse yourself, even just for a while, from the hustle and bustle of your daily and tech-centric life is to walk away from it all — literally. 

Just leave your phone, your work desk, and just about any gadget even just for 10 to 15 minutes and walk around your house, your yard, or down the street to clear your head and settle your nerves. This will make you feel in control again and much more relaxed to face whatever it is you have to deal with head-on.


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Ever noticed that when you're stressed, you tend to feel more high-functioning than usual? This is your body's way of telling you that it's using productivity to keep up with your subconscious fatigue — or in simpler terms, the busier you are, the less time you have to even think about being tired. Still, even if you're accomplishing so many things, it can lead to your breaking point. So always remember that when things are starting to pile up, instead of punching your way through it in a snap, take time to close your eyes, feel the floor beneath your feet, and breathe. This will help you feel any aches, shaking, or reactions from your body that you may be overlooking. This can also help you determine whether you actually need a bathroom break or to drink some water. 

Take a power nap

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Usually, tons of work also means lack of sleep. This is because we usually fit a week's work into the 24 hours of the day due to things continuously piling up. But we often forget that work will never run out no matter how much we rush it and that sleep is fundamental for us to function our best. So if you feel like it's inevitable to burn the midnight oil, taking a power nap when you get the chance should be on your list — especially during the weekends. 

Do something that you actually enjoy doing

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In the mood for a K-drama marathon? Want to go on a hike? Been dying to visit that new pizza parlour down the street? We say make time to do it. As much as you love what you do for work, there are still so many things in life to live for. Make it a habit to treat yourself with even the simplest things after a long and hard week. This will not only help you relieve stress but will also make it feel like what you're working hard for is actually rewarding. 

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Whenever we encounter an unbelievably stylish woman, we often ask ourselves how she manages to be effortlessly polished. We're not talking about the ladies we see on Instagram in their perfectly produced photos. We're referring to the co-worker who shows up in the office looking snazzy as ever, undeterred by this week's heavy workload. Or the girl on the train, who, by some miracle, was able to keep her white shirt crisp and wrinkle-free during the rush hour.

How can these women that we see every day, manage to look put together despite hassles? No, it's not some black magic, it's just good habits. Read on to know what they are and how you can adopt them.

Prepare The Right Underwear The Day Before

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We're always advised to prepare our outfit the day before. However, what we often forget is to have the right underwear ready, too. Here's a tip: right after buying a new outfit, always take a mental note on what undergarments are best for that particular piece. With that said, it's a must to stock on different types of bras — from the sports bra to the strapless kind. 

Have Your Clothes Tailored

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Clothes must properly fit your body — no exceptions. And if that means having to go to a tailor for alterations on some of your clothes, then do it. Trust us, it's worth it. 

Learn Basic Fabric Care & Sewing Techniques

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A true fashionista does not just buy clothes, they also know how to take care of them. They know which fabrics should be hand-washed, which ones require dry cleaning, and so on. It's important to read the label, not just for our skincare products but also for clothing care. While we're at it, knowing basic sewing techniques like doing a simple running stitch will help you take care of minor abrasions and adjustments. 

Have Go-To Outfits For Every Occasion

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Although the iconic little black dress is a great hack for this, there are some occasions when wearing black may not be the best. So it's good to have a few outfits in mind that you're ready to put together for different occasions. Here's a style assignment for you: assemble one go-to outfit for a business meeting, a cocktail party, and a black-tie event.  Then share it with the Community.  

Keep Your Shoes In Tip-Top Condition

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Christian Dior said it best, "You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." To keep your shoes in excellent condition, make it a point to wipe off little dirt spots on your shoes after using them. Cultivating this habit will save you the hassle of having to scrub off stubborn stains in the long run.

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