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Skincare Tip: Detox Your Skin, Mind & Body

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Lately, with the level of pollution plaguing our skin daily, a good skin detox via a clean, healthy lifestyle regimen has become quite a necessity if we want that happy, healthy glow. After all, once a pollution or dirt particle has penetrated deep into the skin, it can lead to problems similar to UV damage—darkening, wrinkles, rough texture. Couple that with the stresses from every day life and you're left with stressed, tired, and damaged skin.

So to keep our skin and body bright and healthy despite the stresses of pollution and every day life, we've been sticking to a detox regimen that has given us great results. Here is our 3-step tried-and-tested detox routine that you may want to give a try!


Detox Your Skin

When it comes to giving your skin a good detox and getting rid of deep-seeded dirt, one of our favourite ways is to use a cleansing brush. We're currently loving Clinique's Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush for its soft yet firm bristles that are slightly tapered for a truly deep clean. It also provides gentle exfoliation which primes the face to better absorb skincare products post-wash.

This system is best used with Clinique's Foaming Sonic Soap--an oil-free, non-acnegenic cleanser that cushions your face against the cleansing brush, gently-yet-effortlessly removing all makeup residue, dirt, and bacteria. Best thing about it: its gentle formula of glycerin, sucrose, and caffeine--a combination that's great for preventing and soothing breakouts.

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Detox Your Mind

Daily life can be stressful--from balancing work or school with social and family obligations, it can get quite overwhelming at times. So the best way we've found to put our mind at ease is through a good Yoga session. It isn't just about challenging your body with the intricate Yoga poses, but it's more about learning to keep both body and mind centred and in-sync.

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Detox Your Body

Ever noticed that whenever your diet goes out of whack, so does your skin and body? Suddenly you find your skin breaking out and your body feeling sluggish and tried. The best remedy for this: clean eating and a regular exercise routine. A balanced mix of both allows your body to energize itself while detoxifying from within. Opt for a diet of fresh, unprocessed food for maximum benefits.

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How will you be detoxifying your skin? Let us know in the comment box below!

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