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Slides 101: Get The Lowdown On This Summer Staple

Slidin' in style

When we said we can’t get enough of slides for summer, we weren’t kidding. Who wouldn’t love the comfort of wearing slides, giving your toes the chance to breathe when the weather’s humid? But what counts as slides and how do they differ from other types of shoes? Read on as we give you the 101 on these summer style staples.

They’re open

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Slides are open-toed and open-heeled. But while they are the same as thongs and flip-flops in the sense that they’re open-toed and open-heeled, slides have straps that go across the feet instead of a tiny strap in between toes as seen on thongs.

They don’t have straps

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What makes slides different from sandals is they don’t have straps for the ankles, making putting them on — or sliding them on — a breeze, hence the term “slide.”

They’re not just flats

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While we’re used to seeing slides that are akin to slippers, they actually come in different heights. Yes, some slides have heels. 

There's one for every type of style

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Some slides are simple and look basic, but there's a style that will suit every type of personality out there. Some are embellished with beads while others are covered in fur. 


Ready to sport the trend? Make sure your feet are ready, too.