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Small Style Tweaks That Make A Big Impact

Every detail counts

Investing on basics and neutrals is probably the best fashion decision you’ll ever make. It’s practical, as these universal pieces almost never go out of style. You create dozens of style options just by mixing and matching them. Still, looks can get boring and repetitive after wearing them again and again for a while. Instead of buying tons of statement outfits that you could only use once or twice, consider making small style tweaks to your capsule wardrobe instead. Here are just some simple style tips you can follow to make your ensemble stand out.

Show your spark

Small style tweaks such as wearing these danging jade doughnut earrings can give your overall look a different vibe

JL Heart Unique Jade Earrings, SGD179 (

The easiest way to elevate your outfit for the day is to accessorise. Small style tweaks like putting on a tiny piece of jewellery gives your overall look a different feel. If you feel like showing off a dainty feminine vibe, opt for a soft-coloured gem like these charming dangling jade earrings from JL Heart

Sunnies out

Pink cat eye sunglasses

Polaroid Eyewear 6071/s, price unavailable

One of the pros of living in a tropical region is that it’s almost perpetually summer. Sun’s out and shining most of the time, so we all have an excuse to whip out our fave sunglasses. This pair of micro-cat eye sunglasses from Polaroid Eyewear is a perfect example of a multi-tasking accessory; it protects your eyes from bright lights and adds a fun quirkiness to your outfit.

Hats on

A bucket hat with a patchwork design

Mango Bucket Patchwork Hat, SGD29.90 (

Speaking of sun protection, your face needs covering from the UV rays just as much as your eyes do. This bucket patchwork hat from Mango does that, plus adds a unique personality to your otherwise basic look. This bucket hat that can be styled a number of ways is the perfect accessory to bring no matter where you go. 

‘Do it well

Chunky crystal stone hair clips on a woman's head

Topshop Chunky Crystal Stone Hair Clip, ~SGD21.29 (

People often overlook their hair when planning their outfits but skipping on it isn’t doing your OOTD any favours. Tying your hair in a sleek updo or styling it into beachy curls has their own charms, but can undoubtedly take much time. If you want to skip the hassle, small style tweaks like keeping your hair off your face with hair clips would do. Topshop’s chunky crystal stone hair clips gives off a cute, girly vibe without being too childish-looking.

Buckle up

Woman wearing a round buckle belt made of brown crocodile skin

Loro Piana Fall/Winter 2019 Round Buckle Belt in Crocodile Skin, price unavailable

Accessorising with a belt is probably one of the most common style tips you’ve heard, but we can’t deny how greatly it affects your look. Despite its simplicity, a belt like Loro Piana’s round buckle belt gives your ensemble a whole different character. Cinching your waist with one helps elongate your figure and emphasize your curves, so you’re not left with a straight and boring silhouette. 

Bring a bag

A round leopard-print belt bag

Longchamp Cavalcade Belt Bag, SGD810 (

As far as all style tips go, this one’s already a given. Obviously, a bag is a lady’s must-have when going out. Still, some of us tend to fall into the trap of thinking that one shoulder bag is good for any and every day. Take advantage of the different styles, colours, and textures to feed your needs and fashion goals. For an ever-sophisticated yet still casual look, bring this Longchamp belt bag along on a chill day out.

Step it up

Black high-heeled boots

Chloé Fall/Winter 2019 Betty Boots, price unavailable

Last but not the least, let your feet do the talking and wear a pair of shoes that make a statement. Don’t be afraid to mix genres. If you’re wearing some billowy feminine dress, try out footwear that gives of the opposite vibe. If you’re looking for something edgy, watch out for the Chloé Betty Boots coming out this September.

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