Is Social Media Pushing People To Get Plastic Surgery? | Clozette

Ever since smartphones became more of a need than a want, it has changed many things in our lives. Interactions became digitally driven, information became accessible but also less secure. And now, even self-perception and worth are becoming more dependent on one's online presence. Still, new advancements mean new challenges that we need to overcome. One of the most popular is cyberbullying. But now, it has taken another extreme curve, with people actually wanting to get cosmetic surgery because of the pervasiveness of filtered selfies. 

Surgical equipment laid out on a surface

Now, we've already talked about our thoughts on cosmetic surgery before and made the conclusion that it may not be as superficial as people think it is. But with this new issue, experts are claiming that more and more people are requesting to get their features altered to the extreme, even bordering on having their features altered based on Snapchat filters. This means bright, big and shiny eyes; a blurred-out complexion; and even changing one's physical proportions. It's even gotten to the point where the basis images that are being demanded from the surgeons are not only impossible to recreate but also pose a major health risk.

Women dressed in white dresses and flower crowns take selfies

This growing phenomenon has been named Snapchat Dysmorphia, considering that the platform made heavily filtered selfies and augmented reality (or AR) videos popular. However, this is not to say that it solely gets the blame for this alarming beauty trend as many apps also have facial structure editing features like Facetune or Snapseed. 

Given the situation, it still doesn't mean that people are to be reprimanded for using filters or editing their photos. However, it is always a great reminder that these are merely idealised versions of ourselves. It's fascinating to think that technology and reality truly are starting to blur, but we must always proceed and approach the thought with caution. 

What do you say? Are we really approaching an era where Snapchat Dysmorphia will be common?



Owning a little black dress is one of the most classic pieces of fashion advice you can get from anyone. It's chic, versatile and you simply can never go wrong with it. But just because it's a basic piece to have in your wardrobe doesn't mean it can't have its own modern twist. 

Ahead, check out how Community elevates this staple to the next level. 

Fall embroidery

A woman wearing a black halter dress with autumn-themed embroidery

(Photo from: justephanielee)

Slay in slits

Woman sitting in the trunk of a car wearing a black outfit with slits

(Photo from: Leannelow)



Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you probably would have heard of this crazy — pun intended — phenomenon that is the Crazy Rich Asians movie. The bestselling novel-turned-movie by Kevin Kwan has been much anticipated ever since it was announced and everyone kept a keen eye on who's playing who. We even shared some of our favourite bits from the trailer.

It's safe to say that having an all-Asian cast in a Hollywood movie is rare. (Memoirs of a Geisha hit the cinemas more than 10 years ago and The Joy Luck Club was released more than two decades ago.)  However, with how some members of the industry have demanded diversity and inclusivity in casting, this unapologetically lavish and exciting love story caught between family drama, hot gossip and money (lots of it) has gotten people across the globe definitely buzzing. 

So while waiting for director Jon M. Chu's cinematic take on the world of Crazy Rich Asians showing 15 August, we rounded up some of our favourite looks from its red carpet premiere. 

Constance Wu in Ralph & Russo Couture

Wu's character in the film, Rachel Chu, may have been overwhelmed and even stunted by the glitz and glam of her boyfriend Nick Young's (Henry Golding) mega-rich background, but the actress proves that she is no stranger to looking glamorous in real life with this gorgeous silver sequined dress by Ralph & Russo Couture. She kept things sleek and minimal with her accessories and her hair to match the simple but elegant goddess-like vibe of the dress.

Michelle Yeoh in Giorgio Armani

One word: EPIC! We're already used to seeing her on red carpet premiers having starred in The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha, but the icon that is Michelle Yeoh continues to take our breath away. Donning a black and purple tulle dress by Giorgio Armani, we can't wait to see her onscreen in another riveting role as the strict and protective Eleanor Young. 

Gemma Chan in Oscar de la Renta and Henry Golding in Tom Ford

One of the characters we can't wait to see on-screen, especially fashion-wise, is Gemma Chan's Astrid Leong. It's undeniable that Chan shares her character's love for fashion as evidenced by this stunning and sparkly green and gold number from Oscar de la Renta. Keeping it classy with some Chopard jewellery and silver strap Jimmy Choos, it's like an accidental colour palette match (not that we're complaining) with Henry Golding, who plays the movie's lead and Astrid's favourite cousin, in a stunning Tom Ford ensemble. 

Constance Lau in Time Taken To Make A Dress

First on the grapevine in the CRA universe, Lau's character Celine Lim was the starting point of the news that Nick and Rachel were coming home from Singapore. Needless to say, the actress herself is also proving to be quite the headline-maker in her stunning custom red and white dress from SG-made label Time Taken To Make A Dress. Representing Singapore through the classy and intricate details on the bodice and the trail of the outfit, she's definitely making a statement right on time for the Lion City's National Day! 

Kris Aquino in Michael Leyva

The Philippines' "Queen of Talk" Kris Aquino also made an appearance in the film as Princess Intan. During the premiere, she donned a flowy off-shoulder mermaid dress in bright yellow by Filipino designer Michael Leyva and channelled elegance and glamour in some complementing jewellery and a chic updo. But the most eye-catching piece in her look, in our opinion, is her clutch with the word 'LOVE' in capital letters, symbolic of her catchphrases 'lovelovelove' and 'Love, Kris'. We're feeling the same way about the ensemble.

Fiona Xie

Bold, ambitious and fascinatingly controversial, Xie's character Kitty Pong is definitely one of the most colourful characters in CRA. We can definitely say that Xie perfectly channelled the brazenness of her character in this show-stopping black layered dress with a sweetheart neckline and an asymmetric hem. While the cut, style and the massive train of the piece did have the tendency to be overwhelming, it's safe to say that Xie rocked and owned the look in Kitty Pong fashion. 

(Cover photo and FBshare image from @gemma_chan & @constancewu)