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Social media has become a major part of our daily lives, whether we admit it or not. Each platform showcases different specialities and functions, and because of that, we're bound to prefer one over the other. If we're being honest, our top choice in socials does say a lot about our own personality since it is undeniably an extension of who we are in reality. And in this aspect, it shares a lot in common with our personal style. This is why we figured that we can definitely look into these platforms to inform our outfit choices. Curious? We've come up with outfit ideas based on your favourite social media.


Facebook inspired outfit

From left to right: ALISON LOU Medium Eye Roll 14-karat gold, diamond and enamel necklace, USD962 (; PAPER London Belted denim mini skirt, USD331 (; FOREVER21 Heart Balloon Print crew socks, USD2.90; MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Crystal-embellished Mary Jane pumps, USD 201 (; H&M Sleeveless blouse, PHP599/~USD11.45 (

Practical and preppy, those who love good ol' FB know how to balance the then and now since the platform has come a long way since its inception. For this look, we're giving a nod to the platform's colour scheme through the top and bottom pieces and decided to balance the simplicity by decorating with an emoji necklace. To top it off, other pieces we threw in the mix show elements of redesigned classics. We're talking about incorporating funky socks and bejewelled Mary Janes into the mix, making the entire ensemble truly worthy of a heart-react.


Instagram inspired outfit

From left to right: MARQUES' ALMEIDA Oversized cotton-twill jacket, USD 287 (; LELET NY Set of three Lili gold-plated, crystal and faux pearl hair slides, USD142 (; MIGUELINA Tilly crochet-trimmed linen bralette, USD383 (; VERONICA BEARD Makayla belted linen-blend shorts, USD405 (; FENDI T-Rex mesh and rubber-trimmed leather sneakers, USD839 (

The home of today's biggest trends, they say something's not famous if it's not 'Instagram-famous'. Our chosen look inspired by this thriving platform combines pieces and trends it helped popularise. We're talking bralettes as tops paired with high-waisted shorts, chunky white sneakers that spell retro-chic, an oversized jacket to wear off-shoulder for that perfect Instagram pose, and of course, the resurging barrettes as a finishing accent. 


Twitter inspired outfit

From left to right: OFF-WHITE Diag printed cotton-blend sweatshirt, USD554 (; TALITHA Embroidered cotton-twill shorts, USD 211 (; SOULIERS MARTINEZ Gibraltar leather-trimmed suede mules, USD448 (; LE SPECS Outskirt oval-frame acetate glasses, USD121 (; FOREVER21 Rhinestone and faux pearl clip-on earrings, USD9.90 (

Our witty tweeters prefer looks that don't compromise style and comfort. Just like your bold persona on the interweb, a Twitter-inspired monochrome colour palette is sure to make a statement worthy of its own thread. We picked out a pullover and shorts for a fool-proof combo that you can ace whether you're on the go or chillin' in a cafe somewhere, thinking of your best quips. 


Tumblr inspired outfit

From left to right: UNIQLO Super Mario graphic tee, PHP590/~USD11.28 (; FOREVER21 Multicolor Ring Set, USD6.90 (; ALEXANDER WANG Tie-front checked wool-flannel shorts, USD991 (; H&M Bomber jacket with appliqués, PHP1,990/~USD38 (; DR. MARTENS Modern classics smooth 1460 8-eye boots, GBP130/~USD168 (

Tumblr folks are known to be creative storytellers, pop culture geeks, edgy wanderers and even all of these at the same time. Among the other types, you can easily spot Tumblristas with their tendency to dress following the aesthetic of the microblogging site, which can be defined as quirky. Their signature staples are graphic tees and accessories often referencing fandoms — note the Super Mario shirt and the minimalist Infinity Gaunlet-esque rings we picked out. Paired with eye-catching streetwear pieces that are practical yet quirky in their own way, we specifically added this unique-looking flannel shorts (the button-down knot design really caught our eye!) and the Japanese-inspired bomber jacket to this curation to further reflect their taste for zany, outstanding pieces. 


YouTube inspired outfit

From left to right: ILLESTEVA Marianne cat-eye acetate and gunmetal-tone sunglasses, USD17 (; DUNDAS Off-the-shoulder metallic fil coupé silk-blend chiffon top, USD1,205 (; DUNDAS Metallic fil coupé silk-blend chiffon wide-leg pants, USD1,544 (; FOREVER21 Inspirational pendant necklace, USD4.90 (; RAG & BONE Buckled shearling platform slides, USD168 (

In contrast to Instagram being the home for the 'hip and the new', YouTube aficionados follow their favourite creators' preferences for comfy chic garbs that reflect the chill and laid-back nature of the platform. This can probably be attributed to them being one of the biggest platforms that enabled hobbies to become full-time careers. Still, with its evolution, it also became a platform that has to balance comfort with dynamism, as its creators now have to be ready for shoots and meetings on the fly. With this in mind, we went for a look that channels a boho-inspired aesthetic that still has a sharp, 'let's get to business' aura. Our accent piece for this look is the necklace engraved with the quote, "Believe in yourself, everything is possible," which is reflective of the platform's roots in creativity and individuality.


Snapchat inspired outfit

From left to right: FOREVER21 Metal pineapple drop earrings, USD2.45 (; KAYU St. Tropez mini pompom-embellished embroidered woven straw tote, USD95 (; MSGM Pleated printed crepe mini dress, USD872 (; FOREVER21 Multi-colored geo bangle bracelet set, USD9.90 (; GIANVITO ROSSI 85 leather pumps, USD708 (

Snapchat stands out from other socials because it strays away from the reds and blues we have prominently seen in other platforms' branding. Mirroring this aspect in real life, people who love Snapchat also have the tendency to be different from the rest. With this, we followed the multimedia messaging app's yellow visage with a flighty crepe dress, envy-inducing pineapple-shaped ear candies and some colourful bling that will complement this social butterfly's buzz-worthy personality. 


Reddit inspired outfit

From left to right: ISABEL MARANT Evie striped linen cap, USD121 (; ELLI GERMANY Asymmetric geo sterling silver ear cuff, PHP1,549/~USD29.62 (; RICK OWENS Cotton hooded vest, USD141 (; FOREVER21 Browline square sunglasses, USD5.90 (; NIKE Striped stretch-jersey track pants, USD48 (; CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star 70s sneakers, PHP3,990/~USD76.29 (

The home of the internet's most curious minds, these chaps always have their thinking caps on and their sleuthing glasses glued to the computer screens to keep tabs on almost every topic imaginable. They're never one to go for complex looks and prefer something simple and practical when planning out their wardrobes. This is why we steered towards an athleisure aesthetic that evokes a 'lowkey but cool' vibe these web detectives and theorists are known for.


Pinterest inspired outfit

From left to right: FOREVER21 Textured twist-front headwrap, USD4.90 (; JOSEPH Draped floral-print silk crepe de chine top, USD133 (; A.W.A.K.E. Faux leather wide-leg pants, USD228 (; LOEWE Mini two-tone woven leather tote, USD2,279 (; SCHUTZ Inva suede mules, USD110 (

The queens of DIYs and Instagrammable homecooked recipes, Pinterest babes know their way around the fashion world, too. Vivid colours are obviously our chosen palette for this bunch as a nod to their creative personas, with vibrant red accents as a nod to the platform's logo. The blouse with its faux scarf embellishment and the wide legged pants with their maximalist cuffed folds are our upgraded version of a Parisian artist-inspired look, sans the beret, imitating how Pinterest mediates — and elevates — creative inspirations reimagined for the digital age. 



Ever since the athleisure trend began, street fashion has been steadily rising to mainstream popularity. What was once a style reserved for skater boys and the hipster bunch is now a style staple for almost everyone. These days, it's even penetrated the luxury market as various heritage brands — such as Gucci and Dior — start sending streetwear pieces down the runway. That said, it's time to up your street style cred. Keep reading to discover awesome street style brands that may have flown under your radar.


Best known for their camouflage-printed pieces and quirky collaborations  —  with Barbie and DC to name a couple — A Bathing Ape or BAPE is one of the street style brands to watch out for today. As a Japanese brand based in Tokyo, you would often spot the influences of local culture in their bold designs. If you're curious how the brand got its name, it's from a Japanese saying that goes, "a bathing ape in lukewarm water" that roughly pertains to someone luxuriously spoiled and pampered, which is maybe a reference to the brand's premium pricing.


Before there were Supreme and Obey, Stüssy was the go-to. This OG streetwear brand may have gone under the radar for a bit but it's now coming back to the spotlight. Back in the 1980s, it started as a graphic tee shop that thrived with the boom of surfer culture in California. Over the years, it has slowly been adopted to streetwear and to this day remains one of the most influential brands in the industry.


Hailed as the quintessential Japanese streetwear brand, UNDERCOVER is finally getting its much-deserved recognition in the international scene. Aside from the usual graphic tees commonly offered by street style brands, designer and founder Jun Takashi also explores offering streamlined silhouettes that blur the line between street style and high fashion. It's style and comfort in one!

Carhartt WIP

Here's a fun fact: Carhartt started as a brand that designs workwear for blue-collar workers in the 1800s. Far from its origins, the brand's offshoot line Carhartt WIP (Carhartt Work In Progress) has evolved into an emerging giant in the luxury street style territory. If you're a fan of streetwear pieces that can double as cute workout clothes, then you should totally add this brand to your must-buy list.


Operating as both a retail space that houses a wide selection of streetwear labels and a stand-alone brand, Kith's unique position is its ultimate edge over others. They may be a newbie but don't underestimate them. Case in point: they just had a big collaboration with Versace, a move that cemented their place in the fashion world after working together with other big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and even Coca-Cola. Aside from their cool limited-edition items from collabs, you should also check out their sleek hoodies. 

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