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Rock The Soft Glam Makeup Look For NYE

Simply classic

If you’re not feeling the colourful and bold IG-worthy makeup looks for your holiday parties, why not go back to basics? A soft glam look is easy to do and easy to glam up if you want to. YouTuber Jackie Aina shares a tutorial on how to achieve this simple, glowing, monochrome look and we’ll break it down for you here.

Before we get to the specifics, we must first determine the true meaning of “soft glam makeup”. ABH Cosmetics has a palette named for it. Beauty gurus would often tag their looks as #softglam when they tone down the glitter and crisp brows. But is that all there is to it? For Jackie Aina, a soft glam makeup look is “90s, very matte, basically no-shine.” So yes, put down that highlighter and glitter glue — soft glam makeup is all about that mattified skin. To keep it short, it’s a true nude makeup look.

Here’s how you can rock a soft glam makeup look for your New Year’s Eve plans.

Skincare and Primer

Since the soft glam makeup look requires a completely matte complexion, you should prep your skin with your trusty moisturiser. The skin should be a smooth canvas for the foundation and concealer you’ll later use. After skincare, use a primer that would provide a good grip on the liquid products you’ll put on top of it. Jackie used the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, which both moisturises and primes the skin. She also powders down the primer with a powder that’s close to her skin tone.


Jackie emphasises that the complexion products are the most important part of the soft glam look. For foundation, pick a matte formula that’s really close to your skin tone. With the powder she placed after priming her skin, this already minimises the shine that will peak through the foundation. She uses the Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation, applies some setting spray, and blends it out with a buffing brush.

Concealer and Bronzer

Just because there’s no shine doesn’t mean you can’t highlight and contour. The key would be layering cream or liquid products with powder products for a matte look. Use a liquid concealer that’s a shade lighter or really close to your natural complexion to cover dark circles under and around your eyes. As for contour, you can use a cream bronzer that’s just a smidge darker than your skin tone. Blend all of it out thoroughly with a beautyblender, as Jackie did. Afterwards, you can further set these liquid products with translucent powder and powder bronzer.

Brows and Eyeshadow

When it comes to the brows, a clean structured brow is what you’re going for. Pick an eyebrow shade that is lighter (rather than darker) to make it as close to your natural brow hair colour as possible. For eyeshadow, Jackie says that the colours would typically be “taupes, beiges, and browns”. Stick to a colour story that’s perfectly nude when compared to your skin tone. If you’re tan or a deeper skin tone, brown eyeshadows would be your best bet. If you’re fairer, a light taupe mixed with beige would provide definition to your eyes. It’s a light wash of colour to enhance the eye shape, rather than highlight that particular part of your face. FENTY Beauty's Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes will be perfect for this look.


The lips are where you can play around with finishes. As Jackie points out at the start of her video, a subtle glossy lip is fine when you’re doing a soft glam look. What matters is the shade of lip product you’re using. It’s time to break out your tried-and-tested nude lipstick — a lipstick that truly blends in with your natural lip colour while staying within the monochromatic look you have going on. Try to find your nude lipstick in the Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick range.

(Cover photo from: @penmyblog)

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