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Everyone, for at least once in their life, should try out travelling alone. Despite the idea being quite daunting at first, it pushes you to learn and experience more things. When you return from the trip, you'll notice that you've found additions that have changed your life for the better. Dreaming of embarking on a solo trip? Take the quiz to find out if you’re ready to jet off to an unfamiliar land.


1.  You’re stuck at a party where you don’t know anyone. You:


a. Just go back home.

b. Call your friends to join you.

c. Make new friends and enjoy by yourself.

2. What happens to you when you get lost?


a. You panic and become unsure of what to do.

b. You’re quite unnerved but you try to ask around anyway.

c. You stay calm and try to backtrack your steps.


3. Five days before your trip, you:


a. Still haven’t prepared anything. You can do it all the day before.

b. Can’t decide which outfits to pack.

c. Have your bags packed, finalised your itinerary, and are good to go. 

4. Your favourite restaurant has a new seasonal dish on their menu. What do you do?


a. Order just the usual.

b. Struggle with choosing which dish to have.

c. Excitedly try out the new dish.

5. Which Disney Princess do you most relate to?


a. Elsa

b. Rapunzel

c. Moana



If you answered mostly A, then you probably won’t survive a solo trip.

Woman on a deck of a ship

You dislike getting out of your comfort zone. So if you decided to embark on an adventure alone, it would most likely baffle those around you. Travelling solo would force you to tough it up and be more adaptable to changes. Since you’re pretty closed off and you’re not comfortable with trying new things, it might be too difficult for you. Still, if you want to push on this dream, we say go ahead. It's tiem to take a chance and widen your horizons. But first, prepare yourself.


If you answered mostly B, then you will, with a bit of help.

Backpackers camping together in the woods

Although you’re a bit game to do things, you can be quite indecisive. Most of the time, you need the help of others to be more comfortable. That’s why when you go on a solo trip, you’ll most likely find trouble getting past sudden challenges that you’ll likely face alone. Muster up some courage and just follow your guts. This way, you’ll enjoy your trip with a renewed sense of freedom. 

If you answered mostly C, then you’re good to go!

A woman carrying a backpack on a solo trip

You seem to be already mentally prepared for your trip, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book that flight. You’re quite independent and adventurous, so you won’t have a problem navigating your way around your destination. Because you’re not afraid to communicate, you’ll probably head home with a ton of new friends and happy memories to treasure. 

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Earthy hues

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These awesome headlines will be the cherry on top of your fantastic week. From a collaboration between a popular clothing chain and a luxury brand to the debut of an exciting makeover show in the region, here are the latest updates that will kickstart your weekend on a good note.

H&M x Giambattista Valli

Here's something that will perk up your ears: Giambattista Valli and H&M are doing a collection together and it's called Project Love. If you've always wanted a piece of haute couture, this collaboration may just make your fashion dreams come true. Some of the coveted pieces have already been debuted at the Cannes Festival. Muses Kendall Jenner, Chris Lee and Chiara Ferragni are just some of the famous style personalities to strut down the red carpet decked in designs from the anticipated collection. Basing on what we've seen so far, it looks like the Italian designer is bringing drama and flair to a new level. 

Style Me Now to air on E!

Zalora Style Me Now Nicole Andersson

ZALORA, in partnership with NBCUniversal, will soon air their makeover-themed show on E! channel this coming 26 May at 9 PM. The makeover show will not just focus on the typical fashion and beauty revamp but some lifestyle aspects will also be explored. Elias Pour, ZALORA Group’s Chief Marketing Officer said, "The show offers strong and relatable content and the added voice from our influencers gives it a flavour that everyone would be able to genuinely enjoy and connect with." You can also catch reruns at Diva channel every Wednesdays at 12 AM and Saturdays at 5 PM.

Huxley releases its latest cushion foundation

Huxley Cushion Foundation

Korean beauty brand Huxley just released their latest cushion foundation formula called Cover Cushion; Own Attitude. It claims to provide long-lasting high coverage for a flawless look that lasts from morning to evening. Compared to its predecessor, the Moist Cushion, which is great for people with dry-sensitive skin, this variant works best for oily-combination skin with its mattifying finish. Will you grab one?

PUMA announces a new collection with Selena Gomez

PUMA Selena Gomez

You would think that after partnering with Pantone and Buffalo London, PUMA will take a break from collaborations but it looks like the brand is not slowing down anytime soon. Their latest endeavour? A collection with Selena Gomez that's inspired by the actress's journey from her hometown in Grand Prairie, Texas to her fast-paced life today in Los Angeles. The Spring/Summer 2019 collaboration features two brand-new shoe styles, laid-back apparel and travel-ready accessories. "I wanted to create something that could just be mixed and matched, but that would also go perfectly with any other piece you have in your closet," Selena said. The Selena Gomez (SG) X PUMA SS19 collection is available in stores now. 

Bally's First Eyewear Collection

Bally First Eyewear Collection

Bally unveils its Spring 2019 eyewear collection, the first of its partnership with the renowned luxury eyewear specialist Marcolin Group. It will include both sunglasses and optical offerings for men and women. The theme of the collection pays homage to the warm glow of a California sunset and the eyewear pieces reflect the 'Wanderlust' mood and palette of Bally's Spring/Summer 2019 collection. From retro luxe design to geometric take on classic pilot style frames, you'll surely find one that suits your style.

(Cover photo from: @chiaraferragni)

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