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Quiz: Will You Survive A Solo Trip?

Are you ready?

Everyone, for at least once in their life, should try out travelling alone. Despite the idea being quite daunting at first, it pushes you to learn and experience more things. When you return from the trip, you'll notice that you've found additions that have changed your life for the better. Dreaming of embarking on a solo trip? Take the quiz to find out if you’re ready to jet off to an unfamiliar land.


1.  You’re stuck at a party where you don’t know anyone. You:


a. Just go back home.

b. Call your friends to join you.

c. Make new friends and enjoy by yourself.

2. What happens to you when you get lost?


a. You panic and become unsure of what to do.

b. You’re quite unnerved but you try to ask around anyway.

c. You stay calm and try to backtrack your steps.


3. Five days before your trip, you:


a. Still haven’t prepared anything. You can do it all the day before.

b. Can’t decide which outfits to pack.

c. Have your bags packed, finalised your itinerary, and are good to go. 

4. Your favourite restaurant has a new seasonal dish on their menu. What do you do?


a. Order just the usual.

b. Struggle with choosing which dish to have.

c. Excitedly try out the new dish.

5. Which Disney Princess do you most relate to?


a. Elsa

b. Rapunzel

c. Moana



If you answered mostly A, then you probably won’t survive a solo trip.

Woman on a deck of a ship

You dislike getting out of your comfort zone. So if you decided to embark on an adventure alone, it would most likely baffle those around you. Travelling solo would force you to tough it up and be more adaptable to changes. Since you’re pretty closed off and you’re not comfortable with trying new things, it might be too difficult for you. Still, if you want to push on this dream, we say go ahead. It's tiem to take a chance and widen your horizons. But first, prepare yourself.


If you answered mostly B, then you will, with a bit of help.

Backpackers camping together in the woods

Although you’re a bit game to do things, you can be quite indecisive. Most of the time, you need the help of others to be more comfortable. That’s why when you go on a solo trip, you’ll most likely find trouble getting past sudden challenges that you’ll likely face alone. Muster up some courage and just follow your guts. This way, you’ll enjoy your trip with a renewed sense of freedom. 

If you answered mostly C, then you’re good to go!

A woman carrying a backpack on a solo trip

You seem to be already mentally prepared for your trip, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book that flight. You’re quite independent and adventurous, so you won’t have a problem navigating your way around your destination. Because you’re not afraid to communicate, you’ll probably head home with a ton of new friends and happy memories to treasure. 

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