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What a sad day for all Song-Song fans! The golden couple of Korean drama — Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo — is reportedly taking steps towards divorce. It wasn't long ago when the couple tied the knot after developing a romance while filming the hit series Descendants Of The Sun.

Back then, the blossoming romance of the couple was denied by their respective agencies but was eventually revealed to the public. Not everyone was pleased with the surprise announcement (some fans were devastated that their oppa will soon be a married man), but it's safe to say that the majority was ecstatic for the couple.

For a time, it looked like things were going well with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo and their respective projects. Just last May, Song Joong Ki raved about how his wife is very supportive of him and his work for the new series Arthdal Chronicles

Little did we know that we'll soon get another surprise from the couple — their split. Earlier this year, rumours of separation surfaced when Chinese tabloids started speculating about why the couple is not seen wearing their wedding rings. What happened? Here's what we know so far.

The reason for the split is due to "differences in their personalities"

In the official statement of Song Hye Kyo's agency regarding the divorce to Soompi, they cited that the differences between the couple's personalities are the reasons for the split and that the two "were not able to overcome their differences." Since both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are not seen on reality tv shows as often as some idols, we can't really say for sure what those differences are. Any theories?

Song Joong Ki filed for the divorce

There are conflicting reports on who filed for the divorce, but it does seem like it was Song Joong Ki who did it first at the Seoul Family Court. Nevertheless, both parties say that the decision to get a divorce was mutual but the couple opted not to get an uncontested, collaborative divorce due to differences in the details of the reasons that led to the divorce, says Song Joong Ki's lawyer to an interview conducted by Hankook Ilbo.

Park Bo Gum's name was dragged into the issue

In all big celebrity splits, someone else's name is bound to get dragged into the narrative. For the Song-Song divorce, it's Park Bo Gum. The actor recently starred alongside Song Hye Kyo on the tvN drama Boyfriend. He is also a close friend to Song Joong Ki. Nasty rumours have surfaced hours after the news of the Song-Song split broke out linking him to his recent co-star. Park Bo Gum's agency has since warned that they are prepared to take legal actions against those who are spreading malicious speculations.

P.S. In case you missed it, Descendants Of The Sun will be available for streaming on Netflix by 1 July. After this, though, we guess it's safe to say that we can never watch it the same way again.

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