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Sophie Hulme Moves Toward Sustainable Fashion

Green is the new black

This April, luxury brand Sophie Hulme launches "The Project" which is an initiative that is as straightforward as its moniker. Taking on the principles of responsible fashion, design, and artistry, the first collection under this initiative aims to explore the issue of pre-consumer waste and recycling materials from past collections.

But aside from Sophie Hulme, there are other brands — both high street and luxury — that have already been riding the 'sustainable fashion' train for quite some time. Just recently, Versace has declared that they are no longer using fur. Considering that it might be a drastic business move for the vast majority of the industry, some have started small-scale from ethical pieces, lines, and eventually, collections. 

One of the brands who are big on ethical fashion even before it was a "thing" is TOMS, who donates part of their sales to support Oceana in their initiatives for marine wildlife. Following their suit is H&M and ASOS, who, in the past couple of years, have also taken their hand at using recycled products in their select collections. 

Another pioneer for this advocacy is People Three, which is also a favourite of Emma Watson, who has been working on sustainable fashion for 26 years. One of their biggest policies is to purchase the materials used in their products from marginalised groups, helping many communities in the process while making sure that they are producing high-quality, yet socially and economically responsible pieces. 

And through all the brands who have jumped into this must-follow trend, it is safe to say that it did not compromise with the quality and style of the products. So is this where the fashion industry is moving? We're hopeful because it's an exciting, and definitely greener, way to live in style. 

(Cover photo from: @sophie_hulme)

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