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Star Creation Winners Debut Collections

Putting on an impressive show at Singapore Fashion Week 2015

Following a one-year internship with retailer FJ Benjamin, the 3 winners of Star Creation 2014 have returned to showcase their maiden collections at Singapore Fashion Week 2015 yesterday. The winners are Rebecca Lam from Hong Kong, Zhou Jun from China, and Newman Han from South Korea. Their collections were indeed noteworthy, innovative, and fresh.


(From left to right: Newman Han, Rebecca Lam and Zhou Jun)

Here’s a look at the impressive show they had put on!


Rebecca Lam

Rebecca’s first capsule collection called "Support" is a reflection of her journey at Star Creation. It is inspired by the support she received in the past that aided her in making her sleek and feminine collection a reality.

 Zhou Jun

Imbuing simple shapes with high-end luxury, Zhou Jun showcases his mastery of structural form in this expertly crafted collection. Traditional country and hiking looks are blended with active sportswear references for contemporary eclecticism--a rather unusual combination. But as you can see, the designer has managed to wow the crowd with his unique and vibrant pieces.

Newman Han

Inspired by the pivotal landmark emotions we feel in our lives such as getting a new job, embarking on a far flung journey, meeting new people, or the release of parachuting into the sky, Newman has set out to capture this spirit in this collection "Jump into the Sky". It is casual collection with a spunk of flavourful prints, graphics, and styling. 

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