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Savvy Street Style Looks At New York Fashion Week 2019

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Sometimes the best practical style inspiration is found on the streets and not on the runway. Harsh, but — whether you like it or not — very true especially with the advent of influencers and social media. In some way, attendees have become models themselves. Some are already sporting exclusive pieces that are yet to be released or donning chic accessories from up-and-coming brands. 

At New York Fashion Week 2019,  there's no shortage of savvy street style looks to cop. Ahead, the best ensembles we spotted.

Colour harmony

Colourful ensembles are tricky to put together, but content creator Quigley shows us how it's done. The formula seems to go like this: pick a white top, pair it with something pastel and add eye-catching outerwear. Oh, and don't forget to use a cute sling bag! 

Passion for purple

Laureen Uy is bringing purple back. It's not the easiest shade to style, so we're taking a few notes from this fashion blogger on how to make it work effortlessly. First, a white or black belt is a must; not only will it define your waist, but it can also serve as a nice visual break for your entire ensemble. Then, pair it with a mini bag that's a complementary shade to give a nice, interesting contrast.


Love a nude style palette? We do, too! It's classy and sophisticated, but if you're not careful about the pieces you pick, things can easily become bland. Take a cue from lifestyle blogger Sheryl and choose to wear different shades of beige to create visual layers and add a black or white piece for balance. 

Floral fan

Florals are a fashion staple of this decade and even though we're about to wrap up the 2010s, we don't think this aesthetic is going away anytime soon. Refresh your love for floral pieces by mixing up the accessories you pair them with. Instead of espadrilles, go for ankle-length boots (or sock boots for our tropical weather) and an edgy fanny pack instead of the usual dainty handbag. 

Playing with patterns

Youtuber Missanti makes the case for geometric prints. Think it's a little too vintage? Do it like Missanti and match it with a sleek bottom and some ultra-modern shades. 

(Cover photo from: @walkinwonderland)

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