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Stunning Looks From The First Ever Mega Fashion Week

Only the best from Rajo Laurel & John Herrera

September may be deemed as the "fashion month" on a global scale but on this side of the world, all the exciting fashion shows happen in the month of October. And one of those is the first ever Mega Fashion Week, launched by one of the biggest fashion publishing houses in the country, One Mega Group.

MEGA has always been at the forefront of the fashion scene in the Philippines. And now, they've taken another bold step by showcasing the works of established designers in their very own fashion week. We were there to witness Rajo Laurel's Spring Summer 2018 collection called "When I Was Five" and John Herrera's LFW 30-piece collection entitled "Armada". Here's a roundup of our favourite looks and the stories behind them.

Festive Outfits From Rajo Laurel 

Photo from: Ed Simon

When asked what the story behind the collection is, Rajo shares he entitled it "When I Was I Five" because it was at that age that he first discovered and fell in love with fashion. "I used to go to these parties when I was little and I'd marvel at the beautiful outfits the guests wore," Rajo recalled. Nostalgia for the decade is evident in the collection as represented by the bright hues, elaborate patterns and the use of luscious fabrics. 

Photo from: Ed Simon

The collection does not shy away from flamboyant elements such as ruffles, huge bows, and a dash of sparkle. To match the festive and nostalgic vibe of the clothes, the models strut and danced to upbeat disco music as they parade Rajo's creations. It was truly an enjoyable show, and at one point, we almost felt as if we were slipping into five-year-old Rajo's shoes, feeling the same exhilaration when he was first enchanted by the art of fashion.

Innovative Designs From John Herrera

Photo from: Ed Simon

Fresh from London Fashion Week, John Herrera proudly debuted his collection for the Philippine audience at Mega Fashion Week. The first thing you'll notice about the collection is the exquisite prints on the garments, which were made using Epson's digital textile printing technology. At first glance, the prints look like an intricate blueprint but its inspiration is actually the first map that included the Philippines. "This collection is such an experiment for me. I got to use a lot of lightweight and transparent fabrics. I really didn't know if it would work and when it did, I was so thrilled," John said. 

Photo from: Ed Simon

Regal style elements from the Spanish monarchy can also be seen in the designs, such as the smocking technique and the use of Swarovski that gave the collection more depth. John Herrera's style has often been described as having a touch of gothic and dark romanticism; a style that is not lost in this collection. To this John said, "I think I can live with that. I think if a woman is dark and romantic, it means she's a thinker. She's not contented with just being pretty; she's not afraid to stand out." 

The Mega Fashion Films

Aside from the astounding shows of the designers, we were also impressed by the Mega Fashion Films that were played at the launch of the fashion week. Each film features a celebrity, who doubles as a muse for the designer. The stunning and outspoken Nadine Lustre was chosen for John Herrera, and the bold and gorgeous Maja Salvador for Rajo Laurel. 

The feel of the films is very surreal, eccentric and artistic. We love how vibrant and daring these films are in portraying the designs and the women wearing them.