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Whether you're planning a picnic at the park or a romantic dinner by the bay for Valentine’s Day, there’s no doubt you want to look your best — not just for your bae but also for yourself, of course. There’s no better outfit suited to make heads turn and jaws drop on “the most romantic day of the year” than a dress.

A dress, or ‘one-piece wonder’ as we like to call it, is your best option to look instantly flawless and gorgeous on Valentine’s Day. Dresses practically style themselves; they flaunt your best assets, and they can cater to a variety of women who have different personalities and tastes.

So if you want to look drop dead gorgeous for your upcoming Valentine’s Day date, below we have five stunning frocks that will go well for whatever style and look you're in the mood for.


Midi slip for the Minimalist

Topshop Midi Slip Dress, USD50 (

A slip dress is timeless and versatile. Its simplicity is exactly why you, and numerous other minimalists, will love it. But for V-Day, opt for a pink one to add a little femininity and fun to your look. Whether you wear it alone or over a sweater to keep yourself warm, you can be sure that you’ll look stylish wherever your date will be held.

Bardot maxi dress for the Bohemian

Dark Pink Bardot Maxi Dress With Lace Inserts, USD98 (

If you’re a true bohemian, then the lace details, flutter sleeves, frilly hem, and cold-shoulder design of this dress will speak to you. We guarantee that once you put this on, your effortlessly cool personality will shine through.


Blue satin for the Avant-Garde

MANGO Off-Shoulder Dress, USD79.99 (

Ruffles and satin? This dress may look like something that came straight from the 80’s, but with your eclectic sense of style and limitless confidence, we’re sure you’ll be able to give this beautiful piece a modern finish by pairing it with your boldest accessories and shoes because you always opt to go big or go home.

Concentrated details for the Classicist

Zara V-Neck Dress, USD49.90 (

As someone who loves clothes that will never go out of style, this navy blue dress is the perfect one to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in. Its A-line cut will flatter your body and its smart details add a dash of edge to the dress without overwhelming it.


Gold and pink for the Polished Lady

Miss Selfridge Pink Lace Bodycon Dress, USD68 (

As a polished gal, you like clean, sophisticated pieces. That is why this gold and pink dress will be the perfect one to sport on Valentine’s Day for you. Wear it with sneakers or flats for a daytime appropriate frock or change to heels for a romantic night out.


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If you've been living under a rock and haven't tried sporting culottes, which made a massive comeback last year, then now is your time to don this classic look. With an abundance of pieces to partner it and different kinds of style to choose from, you can turn your look from daywear to evening wear in a jiffy. 

With the current season coming to an end and new one in sight, you'll definitely be needing more #ootd ideas for the coming months. Here, we give you ideas on how to wear culottes all year round.


For cool, casual days

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For meetings during cooler weather


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The most romantic day of the year is less than two weeks away. So if you’ve been unlucky in the love department for some time now, don’t worry, because did you know that you can up your chances for romance this year with a few life and fashion fengshui hacks? It's true! Just like how it can be applied to life and beauty, fengshui’s teachings are applicable to fashion and love, too.

So to help you get lucky in love this year, we asked the guidance of Way Fengshui Group to help put us, and you, in the right spot for romance. Keep reading below for the seven hacks we learned.


Wear more pink and red

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As the two colours are the most associated with love and passion, it’s no surprise that wearing more of them will help enhance your romantic luck. So go ahead and wear the two all day, every day! But here's our tip: Don’t wear them together as combining the two hues is a major fashion faux pas.

Add bangs to switch up your 'do

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Who would have ever thought that bangs could attract a new partner? So whether it’s a full fringe or a wavier and edgier cut, make sure it’s something you know you’ll feel fabulous and confident in.


Accessorise with rose quartz and pearl colours

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Since the Chinese believe that rose quartz radiates love and pearl promotes good health and prosperity, wearing these two as accessories will definitely increase your chances of finding that epic love. It's a bonus that they pair well with all types of outfits.

Cut your hair to complement your face shape

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If you have a round, square, heart, or diamond-shaped face, switch up your style to something wavier and curlier. On the other hand, if you have a smaller face shape, go for shorter cuts as this will help you to attract your soulmate. And if you have an oval-shaped face, then you’re in luck because you can wear whatever hair look you want and you’ll still attract your true love.


Declutter your living space

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A cluttered home blocks the positive qi, or energy, from entering. So clean up a little bit, get rid of a few things that radiate negative vibes, and welcome in the smooth flowing qi to help improve your romantic life.

Add flowers

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Another way to increase the qi in your home is by decorating it with flowers, specifically peonies. As a well-known symbol of love, these beautiful flowers have strong healing energy, which helps women find their perfect match. Are you already heading down to the flower shop?


Be crystal clear

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Gems and stones such as pink kunzite and moonstone will help balance out your heart and mind. Pink kunzite will help open up your heart and connect it to your mind, so it will not only help improve romantic relationships, but friendships and familial ones as well. Moonstone, on the other hand, calms the brain, but at the same time intensifies passion. So whether you wear it as a necklace, or a bracelet, or a pair of earrings, you can be sure that you’ll be drawing in both relationships and friendships.


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