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Since everything seems to be a fashion flashback with a modern flair, why not join the bandwagon? This Fall/Winter season we've developed a liking towards boots, but instead of the usual boyish outfit, why not pair it with pieces that are more fashion forward and--groovy? Because, why not?  

We took a peek at Stradivarius' current Fall/Winter Collection and fell in love with their 70s-inspired pieces because guess what, they included booties! Here are the 5 groovy looks you can whip up with Stradivarius' retro and glam pieces! 


Mod & Edgy

Seventies rock left us with fringes, leather, suede, boots and geometric patterns. Give your monochrome outfit with and edgy yet groovy twist by matching pieces with different textures. This also goes with the peak neckline and fit & flare silhouette during the 70s, resulting to a very glamourous rock look. 

Folk Chic

A loose white dress with long bell-shaped sleeves is a retro yet very subtle detail. Amp up the 70s flavour by adding a suede belt, hippie-like necklace, and of course, a sleek pair of brown high-cut booties. 

Fun Femme

Use this pair of patent, low ankle boots with a wide-legged pants for a play with size and shape. Balance it out with a feminine blouse and a sling bag for a chic finish. 

Cowgirl Glam

This pair of boots makes us want to revisit the rodeo! For events where you want to stand out, match it with a hat, glasses, and this stunning faux fur shift dress! 

Cool Casual

For a much more wearable look, try the classic pairing of jeans, tee, and boot for cool yet effortless vibe. The coat in this colour makes it vintage-inspire and more eyecatching!


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(cover photo from Xinlinnn)

You just hit the 2-0 age range and you feel the need to step your game up in terms of--everything. Start with your personal style. Since you're going to start with your career opt for functional fashion pieces such as the classic white polo, tailored trousers, black pumps, and of course, your trusty hand bag for work. 

Aside from your usual bag, here are other types of bags that you should own to conquer your 20-something journey!


The Ever-Reliable Sling Bag

(photo from cristinadecena)

If you want to go out but you want your personal items out of the way, opt for a sling bag that hangs from your shoulder and stays put at the side of your body. This one's a dream to use when you're travelling, out and about at the mall shopping, and basically doing something that requires a lot of walking and carrying things, because your hands are free to carry the rest of your belongings. 

The 9-6 Bag

(photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

It's time for work, and you literally brought everything with you for a worry-free day at the office--but no one has to know. A working girl needs her trusty utility bag that's both chic and sturdy. It should be able to fit your phone, tablet, gadgets, makeup essentials and such. And yes, buy it in a neutral color so it matches everything in your wardrobe. 

The "Throw In Anything" Bag

(photo from CelineChiam)

For times you have to do and bring a lot of things with you like a bulky dslr camera or your whole makeup kit, a big tote should always be readily available. Its simple and timeless structure keeps your things hidden in a safe place so you never have to worry about bringing multiple bags. 

The Lazy-Chic Bag

(photo from Aggynuguid)

It's a lazy day and you're not actually doing anything particularly important but you want to go out and look chic anyway. Throw on your basics and add a lazy-chic looking bag for an effortless OOTD. Fringe bags always do the trick for this type of day, so it's a must to have this kind of bag for a quick yet stylish solution that never fails.  

The Bag That "Rules Them All"

(photo from DebbieFermin)

There will always be that one bag that rules them all--the one that gets all the compliments from your friends, and the one with an iconic look with a timeless style. It's the one you always reach out for because no matter what you wear, it always makes you look chic. Yes, it's the bag you should splurge on, and it will take you places. 


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(cover photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

If there's one style that's also a fashion statement in itself--it's vintage. Sticking to pieces from the past and wearing them with a touch of your modern flair says that you prefer to dress according to your timeless, classy, and Parisian-esque taste. Your fashion sense is unique and you're not always crazy with the trends coming in. If you resonate with this kind of Fashionista (or you just want to try it out), we've got the ultimate vintage shoe list for you! After all, the shoes can make or break your look, right?

Here are the 5 must-buy shoes for the fashionista with a vintage sense of style!


Oxford Shoes

(Get It Here)

Oxford shoes are the ultimate vintage deal breakers. If don't have a pair or two of these then might as well call yourself mainstream. This type of shoe was worn by men but women can flaunt them as well and they're perfect with anything! Go for a classic brown or black one--leather is a must, and a feminine one such this lace-up oxford from Mod Cloth. They're sturdy, practical, long lasting, and comfortable to wear all year long! 

Suede Boots

(Get It Here)

Lace up sandals is all the rage this season because of the bohemian, hippie-chic trend. But since you shut yourself away from trends, you go for the rare kind of shoe that also started from the same era--the suede boot. It falls under the hippie category as well but more on the hardcore, folk-chic style. This one from Tory Burch even has that rubber heel for a perfect 70s vibe! We imagine this with a pair of high-waist shorts and a poncho for a no-fail, stand-out vintage look.

Wedge Sandals

(Get It Here)

Stand-out, literally, with a pair of these wedges from Just Fab. This type of shoe isn't exclusively for the vintage lovers as its design fits your feet perfectly and flatters your leg nicely that it's guaranteed to look good on anyone. That's the reason why it's the most iconic out of all 1940s shoes. It's thick sole is sturdy too, so you can wear it to events without worrying too much if your feet will last the hours of standing, walking, and mingling around. 

90's Rubber Shoes

(Get It Here)

We cannot finish this list without including a tribute to vintage sneaker styles that are timeless and nostalgic for any fashionista. Our top picks are: Nike's Air Max 90 and Air Force 1, Adidas' Superstar and Stan Smith, and Puma's Universal Hi Top shoes.  Aside from looking and feeling like a cool, vintage sporty girl, these shoes are uber comfortable you'll have no problem wearing them your jeans and tee combination. 


(Get It Here)

Last but not the least is the loafer, an understated but classic shoe that has morphed into various shapes and forms to adapt to the times. They're either chunky, heeled, grunge, or sleek, but you can never go wrong with it. This one from ASOS looks like your usual pair of ballet flats, but the tassel gives it away as a modern and feminine version of the loafer. It's soft and comfortable that can go from casual to semi-formal with a few whips of your styling magic!


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