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We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. Whether it’s for a job interview or a first date, nailing that first meeting informs what might happen next. Will you get another interview? Will you have a second date? 

So it goes without saying that putting an effort into making a lasting style impression is important. You have your makeup and dress down pat. But what about your shoes? Say exactly what you need to say through style. First, watch the video above to learn what your shoes say about your personality. Then, take note of these tips to make sure that your first impression is memorable.

For a job interview 

Charles & Keith Nude Metal Accent Block Heel Pumps

Charles & Keith Nude Metal Accent Block Heel Pumps, SGD53.90 (

You finally got the call you’ve been waiting for. Here’s your chance to prove yourself and tell your dream company that you’re the perfect person for the job. Of course, your skills and what you can bring to the table should be of utmost importance. But a little help in the style department can go a long way. Show you’re sensible but creative with a pair that befits those characteristics. And always remember: When in doubt, always go for something that covers your toes. Try the Charles & Keith Nude Metal Accent Block Heel Pumps.

For a first date 

Charles & Keith White Asymmetric Strap Open Toe Sandals

Charles & Keith White Asymmetric Strap Open Toe Sandals, SGD53.90 (

How do you show you’re open to possibilities but not eager when on a first date? Aside from dressing up true to your style, we say going for classics will help you not give out mixed signals. A combination of elegance and fun is always the right formula. For shoes, go for one that makes you feel a bit flirty but still reserved like the Charles & Keith White Asymmetric Strap Open Toe Sandals.

For an event

Charles & Keith Brick V-Cut Sculptural Heel Leather Pumps

Charles & Keith Brick V-Cut Sculptural Heel Leather Pumps, SGD85.90 (

Going to events where you don’t know anyone can be daunting. But not when you have the right shoes on. We say put on ones that can double up as an ice breaker. Wear something that’s out of the ordinary but still has a classic touch to it. The Charles & Keith Brick V-Cut Sculptural Heel Leather Pumps make your personality stand out without giving the impression that you want nothing but fun.

For a girls’ night out

Charles & Keith White Concrete Heel Ankle Boots

Charles & Keith White Concrete Heel Ankle Boots, SGD79.90 (

Gather your girls and get ready to paint the town… white. For a night out with your best friends, it’s important that you’re not only comfortable while dancing the night away but also looking stylish while you’re at it. Stilettos are a go-to but we dare you to take a different route with an ankle boot that has an attention-grabbing colour and a cool detail like the Charles & Keith White Concrete Heel Ankle Boots.

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If you're feeling cute but want to step out of your go-to style, take a "Baby Doll" approach. From Ariana Grande to Loren Gray, plenty of celebrities are wearing this look. Mix it up with pastel crop tops, colourful scrunchies and puffy dresses for the ultimate 'kawaii' touch. Still not sure how to pull off this style? Let the Clozette Community show you how to doll it up for a fresh makeover.

Pastel monochrome fit

Baby Doll Looks
(Photo from: karenskierrific)

Half-up hairdo with coloured scrunchy

Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

Strawberry strapped mini floral dress

Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
(Photo from: shermaineinez)

Tiered flowy gingham dress

Baby Doll Looks
(Photo from: Lingwei)

Cropped top with colour-matching sunnies

Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
Baby Doll Looks
(Photo from: estherrleong)

(Cover photo from: Lexiepuzon)

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Another week accomplished! If you've been too busy to catch up on the latest happenings this past couple of days, don't worry because we've got your back with this week's Insider Roundup. From people's reactions about Apple's iPhone 11 to Kim Kardashian officially launching her shapewear line, we've got them lined up below for your reading pleasure. 

iPhone 11's new design did not please a lot of people

CI Insider Roundup iPhone11 memes


Ever since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, a lot of people have lined up and anticipated its following models. But while the iPhone XR from 2018 was the subject of awe for many of Apple's patrons, their latest teaser for iPhone 11 didn't incite similar reactions. Some were quick to compare the upgraded dual and tri-camera design to cellular mitosis and even igniting trypophobia (a.k.a. the fear of holes) for other people. And as expected, a wave of memes followed soon after, mocking the phone's design. Still, it seems like the internet's jolly good fun is doing Apple a great favour at spreading the news regarding this new release as it's in almost every platform at the moment. 

Millie Bobby Brown's skincare routine using her new line raised eyebrows

Move over, Shay Mitchell! It looks like we have another faux skincare demo on the loose. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was called out by her fans earlier this week for seemingly faking a try-out of her new skincare line, Florence By Mills. Millie, who officially announced the line a couple of weeks ago, went to Instagram to share her routine using the products but fans were quick to note that she was just play-acting. Some indicators include her fully made-up eyes and consistently dry face despite supposedly cleansing twice in the video. The demo has been deleted on Millie's Instagram (but is still up on the brand's YouTube channel; see above) and the star has also apologised. 

Sulwhasoo launches in Sephora Singapore

Moving on to more positive news. Here's something to rejoice about for Sulwhasoo lovers: the beloved brand is now available in Sephora Singapore, both in-store and online. Woohoo! Catch some of the brand's global faves like the First Care Activating Serum EX, the Essential line, and the Bloomstay Vitalizing line on your next visit and get on that upgraded skincare experience, stat!

Kim Kardashians SKIMS shapewear has officially launched

Ending our roundup with news of another launch. Kim Kardashian officially launched her shapewear line SKIMS, which immediately received praise from consumers. The line initially caused some buzz for its former name, Kimono, which even got a request for amendment from the governor of Kyoto himself. Good call on Kim's end for renaming the line as it immediately sold out minutes after its release a couple of days ago, earning the reality TV star and entrepreneur around two million U.S. dollars. The line includes a variety of types and sizes and Kim expressed potentially expanding the line with — wait for it — a pee hole for more ease-of-use. 

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