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Style Inspirations That Turn On The Charm inspired by Miss Dior's Absolutely Blooming perfume

There's a relentless charm to a woman who strives to be empowered despite the many roles she needs to play. A successful career woman, a loving mother, an energetic daughter, a reliable sister -- despite the challenges that come along with these various facets of being a modern day woman, there's a certain elegance and grace to the way she welcomes each role with acceptance, passion, and joy.

And with the philosophy of creating fragrances that celebrate every woman's love for life, the Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming perfume embraces the irresistible charms and the powerful enigma of the modern day woman in one concoction. With its combination of fresh, floral, and musky scents, it's the perfect scent to wear whether you're feeling carefree, glamorous, or sensual -- as inspired by how the story of Miss Dior came to be.

Inspired by his sister, Christian Dior's fragrance line went unnamed until the moment his muse Mitzah Bricard saw Dior's sister Catherine. A war veteran who served under the Resistance during the 1940s and a supportive sister who advocated for her brother's passion for feminine luxury using yards of fabric and embroidery -- her bravery and courage for her causes, coupled with her love and care for her brother showed two admirable facets that signified a woman's true elegance. It is this encounter that led to the moment when "Miss Dior" was born. 

And much like the previous fragrances in the collection, the Miss Dior's Absolutely Blooming perfume proves to be as equally divine. The fragrance embodies the spirit of a blooming bouquet with its beautiful floral fragrance and sassy, tangy sweetness -- a perfect representation of the modern day woman's blossoming beauty.

So to celebrate each and every role a modern day woman takes on each day, we've put together style inspirations that capture Miss Dior's Absolutely Blooming's charm. 

For that everlasting elegance

(photo from Instagram/@dior)

There's just something about a staple Black Dress that accentuates the elegance and power of a woman -- just like Charlize Theron in this embroidered black dress ensemble. 

Fashion Tip: always keep a well-tailored LBD in your wardrobe and pair it with a spritz of Miss Dior's Absolutely Blooming's musky notes to awaken the elegance in you.

Beauty Tip: Pair it with Dior Rouge in Rose Montaigne, its nude tone a perfect match to that elegantly classic look. 
For that captivating boldness

(photo from Instagram/@dior)

A lot of people say that red pants are not for everyone. But who's to stop you? Finding the right kind of red just like how you would with your lipstick is a sure way to nail a bold, structured look.

Fashion Tip: To complement the musky scent of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, throw in a structured top for a chic ensemble that easily takes you from the office to a night out with your BFFs.

Beauty Tip: Match it with Dior Rouge in D-Light -- a deep mauvy shade for a signature bold pout.
For that irresistible charm

(photo from Instagram/@dior)

Simple yet captivating, a bright-coloured pleated dress paired with a genuine and carefree smile captures the allure of everyone in the room. This fashion look is definitely the way to go for those dull and uninspiring days.

Fashion Tip: To uplift your senses, pick a bright pastel shade and a flowy silhouette to match the fresh floral notes of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.

Beauty Tip: Swipe your lips with Dior Rouge in Red Smile -- a classic blue-red-- to complete the look!


Which look matches your inner muse? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

The Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming perfume and the Dior Rouge lipsticks will be available in all Dior counters this Fall.